Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Who was that eerie messenger?

I’ve just received an eerie message from the state my mind is in.It had to do with the job I had in another town, while working in the drug trade.
The messenger said I will do battle in Bethlehem,
but he didn’t know when that would begin.
He was only a man, and that is all that I am.
Mind you, I’m a smart ass, know it all,
but  nobody is the ALL Knowing ONE,
For that being is ALLAH, the Infinite Reality.
You can call HIM GOD if you want,
 for it is indeed the same Deity,
whether you believe me or not.
I am simply telling you the truth about reality, and in reality I am no liar.
Love demands everything at once, and doesn’t understand time.
God’s Will works on its own time schedule.
I HOPE you know that no man can CHANGE that,
Not even Barak Obama, and not even Jesus Christ.
Those who vote DemoPublican, all believe man can be a god,
They hope that the Government can create a perfect world;
Those who don’t vote at all are the true Buddhists in the land,
They may complain about everything, but they know that life goes on,
They accept things as they are, because that’s the way it is.
If they’d start voting Libertarian, then they would think like a Muslim should.
Those who sign on the dotted line for liberty, peace, & freedom,
know that whatever the government does, they do it through coercion.
Mind you, many of them think voting Libertarian will solve all the world’s problems,
In reality it takes more work than just casting you vote.
You must do your job for GOD & Country, but never forget your family.
This is what Duty, Honor, Country means, the motto at West Point.
When I was a young man I was a cadet at that school, but I’ve always been a man of peace.
 I’ve always tried never to lie, cheat, or steal,
 just another lesson they teach you at the U.S. Military Academy.
I am a Slave to ALLAH, but I’m also one of his Soldiers.
Know that we are on the march, spreading the truth to all who will listen.
If you want to Discover what this means, then you need to reach my cousin.
She’s the next piece to the puzzle, but she does not yet understand.
C’est la Vie, and then it all ends.
Are you ready for what’s comin’ next?
Know that ALLAH is, for GOD set it all in motion.
I’m simply here to tell you that we are all in this together. 
If you can’t accept this fact, then maybe you should get out of the way,
Cuz’ I’m not goin’ anywhere, until the day I die.
That’s the moment the waiting begins for you to see the Judge.
I HOPE that when I do battle in Bethlehem, some CHANGE will be the outcome.
With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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