Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! virtual reality is moving too slow. . .

Another video for you all, but in reality I'm tryin' to reach those in my family. It's my cousin you see, who represents Discovery, and also big Media. You must follow the links to find the real people in my story. I'm a master mind, but media Loves another Master! Without Media, this Master is something else in virtual reality, but he was on the radio, does that make him Propaganda? Maybe, or maybe not, it depends on your perspective.

Howard Stern thinks he's been chosen, and so has media's husband. There is a guy by the name of Hutton, who hails from Ottumwa. He thinks that when he speaks, other people listen. In reality a few do, but not as many as that progressive fool named Ed Schultz, or the guy the dittoheads follow. Both of them talk a good game about the truth, but in reality they are both wrong!
I'm hear to set things straight, and I'm a Muslim Man. If you can't stand hearing that, why don't you go to the stadium, and rotate! if you don't know what the hell I mean, then Google Harman Geist Stadium. Know that my mind is near the place, and also my crotch! Take a sightseeing trip, and know that I've got balls of steal. I'm not the man of steal, and I'm absolutely not the GOD.
This just happens to be your morning call, and I'm the guy calling the shots. Mr. Orenstein at the Morning Call newspaper, doesn't like me sending him copy. do you think Theresa rang his bell, or maybe it was that White guy. I've never met Mr. Orenstein's Theresa, but I know a Theresa who's a saint. She's my cousin by marriage, and she's married to Lori's brother. She's a Tigger I'll let you know, do you think I'm some sort of Tiger?
Since Lori can be found on the internet, I don't see any problem telling you who she is. I'm her cousin, who lives up the road from her, and I'm the guy who knows what the truth is. I HOPE all of you know that you can't CHANGE what I know, or even stop me from telling it to you. All you can do is close your mind to the reality that we all share. I'm not feeding you any cosmik debris, I'm just tellin' you the truth and trying to be economically correct!
With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Foreve Always,
jesus freakin' christ!
aka, Daniel Harold McFarling

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