Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Give thanx to ALLAH!

Just a little Thanxgiving message sent out to all the world. I don't believe we need all the borders, but in reality they are all still there. Do you reckon it's time to do what's right, and submit to GOD's Will.
If you will do this, ALLAH guarantees you'll have peace of mind.
You can't just say that you've done it though, for you must believe it's true. If you think about it for just a short moment, and gain the right knowledge, you should reach the correct conclusion. It's just a matter of using your brain, and reasoning it all through. With a little logic, you may begin to know the truth.

If you can't think it through, then why not just go with the flow? There's no reason to argue with the truth, because it's just a lost cause! I'm no crazy person, and I'm not even wild. I don't lie to anybody in this world, and I cannot lie about GOD.

GOD is ALLAH, that Infinite Reality, that was here before time began. The Spirit in the Sky will be here still, after it all ends! If you can't figure it out all by yourself, then why not read a book. Make sure the one that you choose, is in reality the word of GOD.

The Qur'an was delivered by an Angel named Gabriel, and it is the absolute word of GOD;
I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, no angel, but in reality my mother!
I was delivered into this world to tell you all the truth.
The last guy who used the name of Jesus was turned into a GOD by men.
I'm just Dan the Man, who goes by many names.
The "International Fellowship of Christian & Jews" have ordained me Mr. Jesus 2.3.
They think I'm 'The God of Abraham', which in reality is quite funny.
I'm not the GOD, I just represent the Deity, the same as Jesus 1.0.

1.0 was indeed a prophet, but he wasn't the last one.
That unique distinction belongs to Mohammad (PBUH),
the Greatest man there ever was!
I'm just 2.3 you see, a Muslim Master Mind.
If all these words are messin' with yours,
well that's not my problem - it's yours!

Nevertheless, I HOPE you have a wonderful day, and God Willing that won't CHANGE tomorrow.
I'm not the guy offering you hollow slogans, those guys are politicians. Do you reckon they're doin' everything for you, or in reality is it all about them? Just a little food for thought, on this Thanxgiving Day.
Don't forget to give thanx to ALLAH, or whatever you call the Deity. Just remember there's only ONE, and you aren't one yourself. We are just insignificant beings, trying to survive in this world. If you want more than than, then you must desire what you need. If you Submit to the Will of GOD, ALLAH promises you peace of mind! I know that is the truth that sets the mind free! It's almost like Nirvana, and actually feels like teen spirit! You just feel forever young!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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