Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! At your BECK & CALL

Dudes & dudettes, and boyz & girlz too,
This is Jesus Christ once again!
Can you see the light on your computer screen?
It's Me, Mr. Jesus 2.3.
I'm not 'The God of Abraham', but I do represent the Deity.
I'm your friendly Muslim Master Mind, and I HOPE that you don't mind,
I call God ALLAH, and you can't CHANGE that truth, I'm afraid!

Are you afraid of what may happen next, now that I've reappeared?
or does it freak you out my friend that I'm a Muslim man?
It doesn't seem to bother my Muslim friends, cuz' they've been expecting me.
In reality my dear sweet Sister Risda, calls me Uncle Iesa.
That's Arabic for Jesus, and I'm sure you know what Uncle means.

I'm not the man from uncle though, that guy was some sort of spy.
To tell you the truth, I've laid out my life in virtual reality.
If ever we 've met on this journey we call life,
know that I apologize for any strife,
that you think I may have caused.

And now on to that guy called Beck, do you know which one I mean?
I'm not talkin' 'bout that great guitarist, but I am talking about a scatterbrain.
I'm not talkin' 'bout a ONE word Beck, but I do think the guys a loser.
Mind you he's got lots of money, but does he really have peace of mind?

The Beck I'm callin' out at this moment, is the Glenn boy who plays with the Fox.
He's a Mormon man, & I was too. Hell, I was even ordained a priest!
But it didn't take me long to figure out the truth that no man can be a GOD.
That's when I declared myself an Agnostic, cuz' I would never deny what I don't understand.
But there came a time in my life when I discovered my true reason for being here.

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, no angel, but she is my Mother,
The doctors had to pry me out of there, but I was indeed delivered into this world.
Now I'm here to tell the truth, and I have submitted to the Will of GOD.
The Qur'an was delivered by a real angel, whose name was Gabriel.
The man the book was delivered to, was in fact GOD's last Prophet.
Peace be upon all God's Prophets, but I ask ALLAH for peace on you too.
Know that I've got peace of mind, and peaceful intentions for everyone on the planet.

Glenn Beck has some of it right you know, but in reality he's in it for the money.
Why else would the guy declare himself a Libertarian,
& support that puppet Sarah Palin?
She's cute enough to want to do, but I wouldn't want her for my wife.
Don't even ask me anything else about that crazy woman - she's bad for the country!

My wife is the LOVE in my life, and GOD is our reason for being.
ALLAH is the Infinite Reality, and we are the Deity's finite beings.
The Infinite Reality was here before time began, and will be there after it ends.
All of us spend a very short moment living on this planet.
There's very little time to accomplish what it is you're here for.

Glenn Beck is so damn busy making loads of money,
He hasn't taken enough time to study the right things,
and he doesn't know what the HELL the truth is!
In reality it's all about survival, & the pursuit of happiness.

Sid was a prince who ran from his wealth & family to discover Nirvana.
He never looked back, and all he did was talk, talk, & talk some more,
it started a worldwide movement.
All you Buddhists out there, don't forget to remember this:

He never chased the dollar my friends, nor did he vote in any elections - he wasn't part of that mob!
You could say that everybody who doesn't vote, has accepted the truth about reality.
Just like Buddha did, they know that nothing ever changes,
And they accept things just the way they are!

When I was in my twenties, I almost went to Thailand.
My mind was thinkin about becoming a Buddhist monk,
and my groin was thinking of the ladies over there,
I had heard they were quite easy!

But I had restarted a relationship, with the Love of my life.
She was raised a Catholic girl, and I was still an Agnostic.
Eventually Fate came into the light, but we got married before that moment.
I've never really planned for much of anything in this world,
I've just always done what I wanted.

When we decided to bring a life in this world,
I had to take some responsibility for more than myself.
Love wanted more than that, I said no, but it happened anyway, that's just the way it goes.
Election day in '84, was the first time that Love ever voted,
It was also the day that our Design first saw the light.
Mary is the Godmother, but she isn't mine. Okay?
She's Designs, and that is the honest to GOD TRUTH!

Now Love is an angel, but only in my mind, just like my mother Gabrielle.
Both of them occupy the physical world, but real angels are conceptual.
Jinns are conceptual beings too, they were created from the fire.
In reality I've got three Jean's in my life, all of them physical beings.

One is Love's twin, who thinks that GOD is a man named Jesus,
and she believes she just has to say it.
In her mind she thinks there's nothing else to do.
Do you think she'll get whats comin' to her?
And what about you my friends?

Another Jean was Love's mother, and we cared for her many years.
She was a bitter woman, a Catholic martre unto the end.
She blamed everyone but herself, for the miserable life she led.
She spent the last week of her life in a catotonic state.
Not unlike that buddhist fellow sitting under the Bodhi tree.

What do you think I saw in her eyes? In reality it depends on your perspective.
She was either sad as she reflected on a bitter life, or she was afraid of going to hell.
She certainly didn't look like a person, who thought she was going to heaven!
What do you think you'll have on your mind, as that dreadful moment approaches?

The third Jean in my life was a woman I screwed when I was young.
She was studying to be a lawyer, and she was cheating on her second husband.
I'll let your mind wander a bit, and figure out what it all means!

What all this means is that I'm not a god, I'm just a simple man.
I've tested as a master mind, and I've figured out the meaning of my life.
Once again let me tell you, that I'm here to tell the TRUTH.
The Noble Qur'an is absolutely the word of GOD,
And within it's pages you'll discover how to live a fulfilling life.

It's all about a society that was falling apart,
And how to behave regardless of what's goin' on around you.
It also tells how to keep a society from collapsing,
which is happening with ours right now!

If you don't want history to repeat itself,
You shouldn't bother with any tea parties.
It's just filled with angry people who don't know what's going on.
They want the government to do something to save them,
but they don't want it to pay for it themselves!

I've been voting my entire life, and I've been voting Libertarian.
It's the only party in the land with any principles, and they don't care if you party a bit.
The priniciple in reality is quite simple my friends.
It's called peaceful coexistence.
You do whatever you damn well please, & let me do the same!

If you can't handle all that freedom, then all you need to do,
Is submit to God's Will at this very moment,
And follow the rules laid out in the Noble Qur'an.
You could study true Buddhism if you want to reach Nirvana.
I HOPE you'll remember the truth that never CHANGES,
that pain & suffering are a part of this world,
you'd never know what happiness is without something to compare it to.

So don't even think that the State can eleviate what in reality is part of nature.
God isn't nature, but ALLAH created it - it's that Infinite Reality again!
Take responsibility for your physical well being, and your conceptual reality too!

If you think that there's something wrong in this world, know that it's all in your head.
If you want to try and fix the thing, you've gotta' do it yourself, or ask somebody for help.
Don't ask the government to do anything, cuz' everything it does is coercion.
To tell you the truth, the state shouldn't do much, if it's dedicated to Freedom.
Defend our borders, administer justice, and teach it's citizens the truth.
If we all get some sort of common education that binds us as a people,
We'll start to understand each other, and discover what true freedom is.

I HOPE you understand that this will never CHANGE, it's just the nature of the beast.
I'm not Barak Obama offering you hollow slogans, I'm the new Jesus Christ.
I'm no prophet, nor am I seeking profits, I'm just tryin' to survive & tell the truth.
Mohammad (PBUH) was GOD's last Prophet,
I'm simply a Muslim Master Mind, tryin' to support my family and being honest.
Fate & Design are now on their own, but Love still wants more.
If you can come up with a way for me to satisfy Love,
I'd be grateful until the day I die, but I don't dread that final moment.
The only thing that I dread, is what will happen on the Day of Judgement,
cuz' I'm not the Judge, and neither are you, so stop judging everyone.

Now you don't have to believe in anything, it's your right while you're still alive.
You can take your chances in this space & time, cuz' when you're done it doesn't matter.
There's nothing else you can do about it after you've kicked the bucket!
I HOPE you understand the truth that I've just told you, cuz' you can't change it in the end.
Not even if you think you'll be reincarnated. Get that through your little head!

Have Glenn Beck contact me, or Howard Stern, or maybe that fool Bill Maher.
I'll talk to any one of those goons, and make their heads spin!
Now's the time for me to tell you where I live,
but Love doesn't want me to give you all the details, so you'll have to figure it out yourself.

I'll tell you that my mind is close to a stadium, but in reality sports is a distraction to my mind.
The stadium that's close to my heart is named Harman Geist, he's some dead guy.
Google it and take a sightseeing trip. Can you see the light and the image at the same time?
The image you see was provided by the eye in the sky,
But do you think the Spirit in the sky had anything to do with it?
I know that ALLAH controls everything, and that GOD is the ALL KNOWING ONE.
If you can't handle that truth my friend, then you can sit on the image and rotate!

Now get on with your life, and thing about what you've just read, and try to figure it all out.
Call me crazy, or even a poet, I don't give a damn what you think.
Just know that I am no liar, and I have proof for everything, And ALLAH in reality is GOD!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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