Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! I may have jumped the shark. . .

This video is for several people. If you think you are one of them, then you are probably right. I'm Jesus Christ you see, but I ain't no stinkin' god, I'm just the guy who's been sent to earth to tell you all the truth. You believe whatever you think, and I'll just keep on talking. I know that what I tell you is true, and I'm really not a liar.

I'm still on my journey of life, but I did just leave the Father. I've been around for many a year, but he's been here quite a bit longer. Neither of us is God though, although he believes there is one. He thinks GOD is some sort of man, but he knows that I'm his son.

I know that GOD is ALLAH my friends. I HOPE you know you can't CHANGE that. Barak Obama may be the President, but he's got nothing on me. Bill O'Reilly doesn't know what Jihad is, and he still cries about our President. Both of them say that GOD was a man, but neither can agree on anything.

Radar O'Reilly was from Ottumwa, and that is where I've been. He wasn't a real man, but in reality I am. My Uncle was Allen McFarling you see, and he wrote letters all the time. His paper of choice was the Courier, and the managing editor is acting. I'm not acting when I tell you that I'm Mr. Jesus 2.3. The "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" has sent me a gift as him. The Government delivered it, and I've used some of the gifts already. I HOPE you know that you can't CHANGE any of this. Cuz' it has already happened!

Uncle Allen McFarling was a Democrat, who always voted;
The Father claims to be a Republican, but in reality he's never voted;
I voted for Barak Obama in a make believe election, he lost the one I voted in,
but my record is intact. I've voted Libertarian for President, every real election since '76!

Anyway, I'll close for now cuz' I can, and now you can do whatever you want to. Know that every word that I've typed, and the words in the video, are absolutely the truth! Check the facts, and get back with me, if you've got any questions.

If you don't have my number, then,
Insha-Allah, you'll just have to wait & Discover me on TV.
Asalam Alakum, but never forget
Allahu Akbar!!! Forever.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Jesus Christ

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