Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Tigger is a saint, but not the other cuz'...

I've taken it up a notch, to see what will happen. I can't tell you my cousin's names, cuz' they may desire their privacy. As you can see, that is hard to do when you are some sort of bigshot. Whether you are on the TV screen, or just give the orders behind the scenes, wouldn't it be nice if you'd stop lying to everyone?

Mind you, you may not know what you do, but know that GOD does, you can't hide from the Infinite Reality! There is a reason for this, and if you'd like to know what it is, then you'll need to contact the Discovery Channel. Just tell them Mr. Jesus 2.3 sent you, cuz' he wants to talk to his cuz' about a show.

In reality I'm not asking for very much. This cracker used to work at Sharp. The HR manager called to tell me our "relationship has been severed" - If tht Deutsch man fell in a ditch, do you think I should pick him up? I probably would, it's the nice thing to do. Even though he let me go!

My cuz' the bigshot at the Discovery Channel has also "severed our relationship", at least she doesn't want to see my face in the book. Thankfully neither of these people has severed my head! I praise ALLAH for that, and thank GOD for every day I'm alive. Are you happy to be alive? If not, you can always die. To tell you the truth we all will in the end. Get over it already, and get on with your life!

But could you do me a favor first? In reality what I ask is something I've already done. Therefore I can tell you that it was harmless, and I am not a liar. If what I ask costs you any money, and you don't have the CHANGE. I HOPE you have a better future, and get a piece of the action!

Peace be with you all at the moment, know that I don't know what'll happen in the next one. I can't predict the future, and I am not the Judge. Prophets predict the future, and GOD is my only Judge.

Merely check out the Qur'an it is there where the truth can be found about our common reality, and how to live your life as a happy person. If you think I don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout, then maybe you've closed your mind to what the truth is all about.

It's about being responsible for all that you think & do. When you do this then you will have experienced Nirvana. If you desire more than that in this life, then you must accept what the truth is. That truth is Islam, and ALLAH is God's Name.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,

Jesus Christ

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