Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Was it a Journey or a Trip?

This post is a bit old style you see,
cuz' i'm using a technique that I sharpened before,
when I was still a Sharp cracker.
Now I'm unemployed.

The Deutch'man told me our "relationship had been severed",
& my bigshot cousin has severed our friendship where our faces are in the book.
But I digress a bit. This bit is about a visit to the Father, & what went on there.
Anyway, you just read along, and if you've got the time to play, follow all the links, as they're added.
I may be adding some more later on. You just never know what the future will bring. Wouldn't you agree?

Love sent me on a mission all alone to visit family, & our Design was on the itinerary.
Unfortunately Fate was not with us, and not everything got accomplished, or the order was mixed up.
C'est La Vie. It was a wonderful trip, or was it a journey?
What would you call a visit from Mr. Jesus 2.3?

In reality it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice,
what matters is if you can be honest with yourself.

I'm no crazy dude, and now I'm tellin' the truth.
Don't call me mad, cuz' only doGz are, but you can call me a poet if you like.
Just don't call me a Liar - and we'll get along just fine.
Now, while we wait for what happens next, let me get on with this story.

On the first day of the journey my mind was in 3 states,
but they weren't me, myself, or even I,
but Design was in one of them.
The state of her mind never changed states the whole time I was gone.
I rested near Saint Mary, where a school is dedicated to God. In reality the truth is otherwise.
Will the fun ever stop? What's in the minds of some of those priests is anybody's guess.
It's not what's in your mind that matters, except of course to GOD.
HE is the All Knowing One, and knows exactly what's going on.
I HOPE that doesn't bother you, but know you can't CHANGE it!

As it was, this was election nite 2010. I had voted when my mind was in a different state.
I had to write in my candidates because the Republicans did the smart thing.
The Democrats spent there money for nothing, and now they're in dire straights.
If those fools had any brains they would have fought for the Libertarian candidates.
The populace is pissed off at both of you, and we would have syphoned off some of the votes.
As it turned out all that anger went to the Republicans. Is everybody happy with what they got?

I had to laugh at the guys on MSNBC who I watched for a few moments.
On my way back from the Father, I laughed at Ed Schultz, that progressive host.
In reality he's like Sgt. Schults, who knew nothing on that show.
Hogan made a fool of him, because he was a company man.

The next moment I was on the road again, and before my mind had changed states,
I get pulled over by the man, because I was speeding again.
Now when I was a Sharp Cracker, not too many moments ago,
me & my compadres were all working in the drug trade.
They still do, and I don't, but in reality we're all sympatico.

They're just tryin' to survive in this world, & that is what I've been doin' too.
What about you? Are you making do, or tryin' to get ahead?
Did you get there by giving head,
or are you there because your head is in the right place?

Sorry if I ask too many questions.
I may be fishing for comments, but then again maybe something fishy is going on.
Once again, you must decide - but at least i didn't ask another question.
I HOPE you're satisfied, but if you aren't I can't CHANGE that.

Anyway, this cop that pulled me over was an African-American.
I've got three wise men who are my friends, all Black men too.
When he pulled me over I was listening to the Qur'an in its original Arabic.
Those sounds are so soothing to my ears, but then I know the book is the Truth.
I won't get into that at the moment, it's not important to the story.
Know that I'm a Muslim Master mind and have been called Uncle Iesa. That's Jesus in Arabic.

I can't lie though so I'll tell you something else.
I listened to lots of music while on my trip to see the Father.
My mp3 is loaded with some Rage Against the Machine. I've got some other music and some mashups too. To tell you the truth the Sūratu al-Fātihah, and Yusuf Islam is on it too.

I didn't listen to anything while in the Father's house.
He always had the boobtube on, and has never seen me on youtube.
The boobs that he watched most often though were the ones where the Fox's are.
Not everyone in God's country thinks the same as the Father does,
but almost all of them have a belief that GOD was a man.
The Father is just such a man, but he isn't a God either.
I don't understand how anyone can believe that a man can be a GOD.
But there are a lot of good people who have heart & till the land.
Unfortunately they're being manipulated by the man, and also the media.
C'est La Vie. What they need is some new knowledge, and reason in their minds.
I HOPE you know that's what is needed, if you want CHANGE to happen to anyone.
If you just want some CHANGE to help you get by, then don't worry about anything,
because everything will happen just the way it's suppose to. I can assure you of that.

The Father told me of Destiny and her Child.
I've never met either, but neither have you.
Unless of course you know your Destiny, but know that everything must come to an end,
so don't get too attached to the things that money can by. When you go by-by, it just leaves a mess.
Of course you'll be dead by then, so in reality none of it matters.
What matters is what you think & what you do, if you want true happiness.
You must take complete responsibility for both of them, and know what it all means.
I'm a muslim master mind who has done this all my life, and it has given me peace of mind.
I HOPE you don't mind that I've voted Libertarian for all of my life, cuz' i ain't gonna' CHANGE how i vote - I vote for peace, and I've submitted to GOD's Will - I know that ALLAH will protect me,
And I don't give a shit what you think, or do - just as long as you don't lie, cheat, or steal.

I don't need the help of the government to get whatever i want.
If I desire something more than I can get myself, I'll cooperate with someone else.
In reality you don't need everything you want,
but if what you desire is what you need, you'll be sure to get it.
That is the guarantee, whether you believe it or not.

I visited some cousins while in God's Country. One of them had a fire, and the other a BP issue.
I helped as best as i could, but in reality I also partied. To tell you the truth, you've gott'a do a little of both. That's if you want anybody to help you or invite you to any parties.
Otherwise, be a homebody. At least you won't bother anybody else.

What I'm tryin' to tell you is that we get by with a little help from our friends,
but you've got to have some in the first place or you won't get anyplace at all.
I like to think of everybody as being part of the family of man.

My brothers & sisters in Islam are truly my family, some know me as Iesa, and others as Dan the man.
Jesus & Daniel were both Prophets of old. Neither were seeking any profit when they were telling the truth. Daniel had a job though, and that was as a dream interpreter.
I don't interpret dreams, but I do interpret reality.
I HOPE you know that doesn't CHANGE the fact that we all need something to live on.

Love wants you to remember this! I'm simply jesus christ, & I'm tellin' you the truth.

I hurried back to my lover after visiting the Father.
In reality, I try to please Love as much as i can,
but my Reason for being is ALLAH, and I'm a slave to his cause.

I was born in Germany, and I am a French Citizen (remember the da vinci code),
but i'm truly a red blooded American.
Love was first met when we were both in the Army, and Fate is in the Reserves livin' in Californ-i-a.
Design is the one with all the plans. She's in ROTC, has been to India.
If you add ana you'll know the school, but what you don't know is what state her mind is in.

As you can see, we are a military family, but know that I'm a soldier of ALLAH's.
I'm jesus christ, the Muslim guy.
I HOPE that doesn't CHANGE your perception of me, but in reality it's all in your mind.

If all this information is messin' with your mind, maybe you're the mental case.
The battle for hearts & minds is always going on, and I'm on the side of ALLAH.
I'm no messiah nor am I a GOD.
So please don't think I'm a superman, for in reality i'm just a man.

I'm the man that knows what the truth is, and in reality only ALLAH can stop me.
I'm sure that HE will at just the right moment, cuz' that in reality is the plan.
Neither Fate, nor Design can stop it. Do you understand yet?

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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