Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! I'm on my way back to Love after leaving my Father's Place. . .

At the moment I'm virtually Jesus Christ taking a rest on the State. They've let me communicate with you free from cost. In reality though, somebody is paying the price, it just isn't me.

I left my Father's place, here in God's Country, just a short time ago, and I'm on the street near where the trip began. That'd be very close to Harman Geist Stadium. Google the place, take a sightseeing trip, sit down and rotate for a moment, then read the rest of my blog. You can watch all the videos too, as far as I'm concerned - you do whatever the hell you want to. Don't let Mr. Jesus 2.3 stop you.

Did I mention that the "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" send me mail proclaim that I'm "The God of Abraham" for all the world to see? I never said such a thing, although to tell you the truth, I do represent that Deity. I HOPE you don't mind that reality, because you can't CHANGE the truth, no matter what you think or believe!

Anyway, I spent a week with the Father, near Destiny & her Child. My Father tells me that his name is Clay, but in reality I've never seen either on of them. Could he be a Gollum? My Father says the child has sat in his lap. Don't think anybody in this story is Santa Claus though. That dude is make  believe. It's like thinkin' a man can be a GOD, or that there is no GOD at all. Why would anybody believe either of these thinker's? I know what the truth. and nothing in reality confuses me.
Would you be confused if I told you the Asshole's Garage is next to the Church? Neither is my Father's, and they're not mine either. I go to a Masjid on Friday's, and my Father stays home with LOVE. I'm on my way home to LOVE now, so now I will close.

Know that I do all of this in the Blessed name fo ALLAH, but in reality I also do it for LOVE, Fate, & Design. If you don't understand what all of this means. Then you've got some catching up to do. When are ;you going to begin?
I've been here for awhile you just may not have noticed.

With an Everlasting Love,\
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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