Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Who's got the gas?

Here's a message for my Buddhist friends, and that guy who's name was Sid.
I HOPE this sublime message I've sent, doesn't CHANGE your mind about me.
Just like Sid, we're both only men, so was jesus 1.0. Do you understand?

Tosh.0 is a man too, but he's a zero in my mind.
I'm Dan the man & jesus 2.3 & I prefer Tosh the dread, and that man is dead.
We all will be there soon, so don't worry about what will surely happen.

I prefer the song that Peter sang, that one about a Razor!
Do you dread what I'm about to say?
Just so you know I was a Sharp Cracker for years, before they "severed our relationship".
That Deutsch-man didn't sever my head, and neither did my cuz'
when she severed our friendship in the book with all the faces.

If you want to Discover what it all means, then you should read the right book or crawl to the coffeeshop.
If you want to have a peaceful easy feeling, then follow the rules & submit to God's Will.
Will you believe me when i tell you it's quite easy?

In reality I am telling you the truth.
Maybe the lie is in your mind, or you are tryin' to imagine something that isn't real.
Do you really know what happens when you're gone?
In reality you won't know where you're going until you see the Judge.

I'm not HIM, i'm just me, Mr. Jesus 2.3.
The "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" says so.
Do you think they're all liars, or just mixed up in the head.
If you think I'm the Liar, you've got another thing comin'. When do you think it will hit you?

Please don't tell my you know what the truth is, unless you agree with everything I say.
In reality if you can do this, then you can do something else,
and Vote Libertarian for Freedom & Responsibility.

You do know that Sid ran away from one, while searching for the other, and eventually sat under a tree.
If he did that in New York City my friends, they'd probably lock him up,
thinkin' he was crazy & needing help.
That's what happens when people don't mind their own business, while others are acting peacefully.
If this message is too blunt for you, you should just smoke one instead,
and enjoy your life before you are dead.
You do know that moment will arrive soon? And nobody gets out of here alive.
So why worry about it at all - you can't stop the truth.
Do you think you can stop me & my family?

I'm talkin' 'bout my brothers & sisters in Islam who have truly submitted to God's Will.
Don't ask my why they do what they do, because in reality the Reason is in their mind,
and they have ALLAH on their mind until the end of time.
I'm not the one who'll be judging them, so I won't pass judgement at the moment,
but know that killing oneself is a great sin,
cuz' you're ending life on purpose, & in reality not defending anyone.

I'll defend my life any way I can, because living is certainly what we're here for.
If you can't believe that, then go kill yourself & try to come back & tell us what you saw.
Do you really think that you can do that?

I know I wasn't here before, but I do know my destiny,
cuz' I understand history, the truth, & reality, and there is a thing called pre-destiny.
Don't ask me about reincarnation though, because i know it's not real,
& I can't remember shit before i was born.
If you tell me you do, I'll say you're talkin' shit, and laugh at you for a moment.
I HOPE this doesn't offend you, but know the truth will never CHANGE.
It just gets explained using different words & different languages by Prophets, & maybe some Gurus.
Now is the time for all true believers to to turn to the true Universal Religion.
Love has problems understanding time, cuz' Love is just an emotional being,
who doesn't in reality know what she wants,but I love her just the same.
I never ran from my family you see,
do you think the reason was Fate or Design?
It was probably both, & also Love, but it was also me going with the flow.

If you do the same, and take responsibility for all that you think & do,
then you may have a peaceful feeling like me,
and know that what you do is always peaceful even if it angers you.
That anger is confusion at the lies you tell yourself,
When you deny the reality of TRUTH.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

the Muslim Master Mind, who has mastered his mind,
but in reality is ALLAH's soldier & slave, doin' it peacefully.
I'm not Superman, but I may be messin' with your mind, especially if you don't believe I exist.
I'm no existentialist, nor am I a ghost, but I am a father & a son.
The Infinite Reality is another way to define that concept that is in reality ALLAH.

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