Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! What's a guy gotta' do to get a job. Just 'cuz Love wants more CHANGE. . .

. . . I HOPE my 'cuz can help!
(a little HOPE&CHANGE, done in reverse. . .
cuz' I'm not Barak Obama)

Hello Boyz & Girlz, this is Virtually Jesus Christ comin' at you again, with the script to my next video. God Willing, it'll be uploaded in a moment.
If you can see the image on the screen, then you've seen the light, but if you only hear my words then maybe you haven't yet.

Just to get you up to speed, I'll give you some of the back story to my life. I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, and delivered to tell the truth to the world. While some call me Dan the Man, the "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" know me As Mr. Jesus 2.3, The God of Abraham, & the U.S. Government has delivered his mail to my address.
While I'll admit to being the Mr. guy, I've never been a GOD, and I never will be one either. In reality there is only one GOD, and that entity is the Infinite Reality. Do you understand the words? I'm just a finite creature who was born, & will die. Just like everyone else who ever was, and who ever will be. This is the truth, so help me GOD.

I used to work in the drug trade, & thought myself a rather Sharp Cracker. The dudes & dudettes that I worked with are all sharp people just tryin' to survive like you & me. Everyone of them exist in this world, whether you recognize the truth or not.  Nevertheless, there were other people there who had a problem with virtual reality, & what I am doing here!  They let me go, & now I'm going looking for a new job. The Love of my life sent me to my Father's place to lend him a hand in God's Land.
He said he didn't need the assistance, so we've been catching up on old times. Destiny & her child is nearby, but I haven't talked to them. Her child's name is Clay, but he isnt' a Gollum, in reality he's a man just starting out his life. I HOPE they have enough CHANGE to survive. I know they have a piece of land to call home - 'cuz it's next to my father's place. I'm not talkin' 'bout cosmik debris!

Love is concerned about the future, but in reality I'm not. To tell you the truth, I'll let Fate do what she wants, & trust Design with her future. Still Love worries, so I've created this video resume in the HOPE I may get a job that will provide enough CHANGE for us to survive. Therefore without further ado, I'll get this show on the road. Just 'cuz I'm virtually jesus freakin' christ, & I do whatever I damn well please, while I try to please GOD. In reality I'm not the judge, so I'll have to wait until I'm dead before I know where I'll end up - and that goes the same for you too!

My cousin, Media, is a bigshot you see, & I think I'd do good on TV. To tell you the truth, i'm better at conversing with other people than I am at talking to myself. If you stand in front of a camera saying crap, know that is exactly what's goin' on - no matter what you think. My cuz' is married to Propaganda, and they make a wonderful team. His employer just fired Juan Williams for speaking what was on his mind. If my cuz' Media were to hire me, it may just help Propaganda out, they need some good PR right now. Wouldn't Jesus be good for that? I'm doin' this of my own free will, but Will is a Puerto Rican man I know, who's in one of my videos.

So, Cuzin' Media, my dear, I was just at your brothers house helping to clean up after the fire. I mowed their lawn & we talked a while - in reality we had a great time. Not bad, considering the luck they've had over the past year. Mind you I've been lucky as hell. As a matter of fact, a few people have even said I've been blessed. I'm just happy to be alive.

Networking is the thing everyone talks about, & I'm just a talkin' guy. To tell you the truth, it's not what you know, but in reality it's who you blow. I didn't do that with management before, & some think I blew my job off because I didn't kiss ass, but it just didn't matter to me. You see, I've got principles of my own, and I refuse to bend them. I hope this doesn't get you bent out of shape, because you can't change a thing.

Cuzin' Media my dear, I do believe many want to hear the truth that I have to tell. For those who don't care, they just may discover, that in reality I'm a lovable guy. That's if I can get the word out. If you put me on your channel, maybe they'll see the light! I'm not askin' for much, just enough to survive, and your company could probably make some money. Isn't that what your all about anyway?

My idea is for a talk show of sorts, with me talkin' to regular joe's. It'd be fun to throw some eggheads & believers into the mix also. Now, I already pitched this show to OPRAH, but her network decided to pass. Just a moment ago, a crazy filmaker had me call him - he wanted to know my story. Therefore, you may want to jump on this deal, before it's too late.

Just to keep it all in the family, I'm thinkin' of another couzin, just cuz' he plays guitar and could play the part of Kevin Eubanks. Mind you we aren't the same color as Eubanks is, but your brother has the same name. Not the guy who's house almost burnt down, but the guy who married the Latino. I know you all are really great people, because that's just what I think. I don't know what you think of yourself, because that is what's in your head. I HOPE you don't have a problems with HEAD's, because you can't change anybodies, but your own. So try to get over yourself.

Therefore, give me a call, cuz', will you please. Love would really like to meet you. You've already met my daughter design, you two are friends on facebook. She's doin' fine I'll let you know, she just returned from India. She didn't go to see any GURU, but it was a part of her education. She was in a competition of sorts, that had something to do with finance. I'll let you know she won an award, and got a diamond pendant. I'm proud of her, but I'm proud of all my children. I HOPE your kid's are doing well, but if they aren't know that I can't CHANGE it.

Before I close, i'd like to thank another couzin, just 'cuz he helped me out. He's an agnostic you see, but looks like Jesus. At least the image in your head, i think. Look at this image and tell me which one you think in reality Is virtually jesus christ? To tell you the truth, it's not the agnostic, in reality it's the Muslim in the picture. I hope that doesn't startle you, cuz' you can't change anything at all. We're comin' at you at the speed of light, whether you like it, or not!

I just thought, you'd like to help the world out in understanding the truth about our common reality. Am I asking for too much? Yes, your brother with the firehouse, our cousin with friendly face, & me are just common men. I'd like to think of us as the 3 musketeers, ready to defend the truth. In reality one is already a stooge, and his brothers are the other 2. I already have 3 wise men in my life, and they are all African-Americans. What do you think of that?

I'll close for now, but this isn't the end, cuz' I'm still alive. I HOPE this finds everyone you love with enough CHANGE & a piece to call their own. Know that I've got peace of mind, & I'm simply a peaceful man tryin' to tell the truth, before it's too late. I'm not Barak Obama, or a demopublican - I'm a simple libertarian, who's Dan the Man, and Mr. jesus 2.3 all in one.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually Jesus Christ.

Are YOU ready for what's comin' down the pike? Know that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - but I cannot predict the future. Prophets do that, and I'm not one of them, in reality I'm just a master mind who's mastered his mind. Do you think I'm messin' with yours?

PS: Cuz' i sent you a letter about a year ago telling you I knew the truth about my reality. You brushed me off, & haven't responded to my emails. Please understand that the letter was sent before I was virtually jesus christ, or even jesus 2.3
To tell you the truth, it was before I was passionate about reason, which was the same time I was immaculately stoned.
You didn't listen to me then, will you start listening now? How 'bout watching my videos? I've got 2 youtube channels. One was created many years ago and it's called danmcfarling.
The other is simply jesus2point3. The coffeeshop has been around for awhile, have you ever crawled there?Tell me what you think. Your brothers lovely wife thinks I'm a Joker who is serious. Do you think I'm something else? To tell you the truth, I'm just the man who knows the truth, & i think it's funny as hell!)

Asalam Alakum to everyone, but never forget...
Allahu Akbar forever,
because the Infinite Reality was here before time began, and will be there after it ends!

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