Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! A late nite addition for the Wacky dudes out there. . .

Late Nite with me! I'm not the wacky guy, nor am I a crazy guy, in reality i'm just me. To tell you the truth, I wanted to get the word out before I went to bed. I HOPE you don't mind what I've said, know that I will not CHANGE a thing.
I'm not Barak Obama offering you hollow slogans. I'm not the Holy Ghost either, but I am a father & a son. It's not that I have a son, because in reality I don't. I have two wonderful daughters who I call Fate & Design. I helped them get created with LOVE right by my side. ALLAH is their reason for Being, and God's Will is the spark of life.
It happens at conception my friends whether you agree with me or not. When you are born into this world is when you first see the light. The Light you see is the same damn thing that was there when time began. It'll be the same light you see, just before that moment when you die. Don't deny a word of this, for in reality it is all the truth. You exist at this very moment, but there is a moment when your life will surely end.

This doesn't mean that your spirit or soul will disappear, but don' ask me where you will go, cuz' ALLAH will be the judge. My cousin are really good people but they haven't yet submitted. I'd never force them to do anything, that they don't want to do themselves. Therefore, we all must be patient until we understand. God Willing that moment will arrive in your mind, before you fry in hell. Not that I know anything about that, you'll have to discover the truth yourself. If you want to know what book to find the truth in, I'll tell you it's the Noble Qur'an.

And on that note, I think that I will close. You and your loved ones sleep tight, & I HOPE to talk to you tomorrow, that's if my life doesn't CHANGE to death, before I wake up.
I sure can't predict what'll happen, I'm no Prophet okay. I'm just a master mind, who has mastered his mind, and I'm a Slave of ALLAH's.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Jesus Christ

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