Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Gurus, Prophets, & GOD

Don't great me with Namaste because in reality it's meaningless,
It's something a guru would say, or somebody who doesn't know the truth.
Divine was a drag queen who ate shit in the movies,
If you think man can be a Divine Being,
somebody has been feeding you the same thing the queen ate on screen!
It's the Ultimate Conceit to think that GOD resides within you,
The Infinite Reality is the GOD that created you, and everything else.
Here before time began, & there after it ends.

We are all finite beings who were born to die.
We don't create anything, but we do perpetuate the species.
Unless you make love to your own gender.
I'm not tryin' to tell you what to do,
But in reality I'm tellin' you the truth!

Gurus come from India, and so did Buddha,
I respect Sid more than the Gurus 'cuz he understood reality.
In reality nobody is a GOD, and GOD isn't Love.
Pain & suffering is ever present, so don't try to hide this reality,
I HOPE you know you can't CHANGE this truth,
Not Barak Obama, not even the Republicans!

It's all God's Will, will you understand what this means?
Will it be to late for you in the end?
or will you start to get with the program?

Not that it matters much to me,
what ever will happen,
will happen regardless of what you do.

But if you want peace of mind, this is what you should do:
Take responsibility for all that you think, and all your actions too.
If you want to have a clue about what's gonna' happen,
Take a moment from your precious time,
And read the Noble Qur'an!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, Jesus Christ!

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