Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Can't you think for yourself?

Here's a little ditty about education.
What do you think about it?

The complete text is right here:

Jesus Christ!!! Can't YOU think for yourself?

Hello there boyz & girlz, dudes & dudetts!
This is Jesus freakin' christ comin' at you at the speed of light again.

I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn,
it was exactly 4:20 on the digital clock in the room.
What does that mean to you?

If you're a drug addled simpleton, it may mean one thing,
but if everything I tell you is incomprehensible bollocks,
then it probably means nothing at all!
To tell you the truth that's your problem and not mine.
In realtiy I'm not gonna' tell you what to think in your mind.
What the hell I'm tryin' to get across is how to think with the brain in your head!

Everybody complains about education these days
the problem with the system isn't what they fill your head with,
in reality the solution is to start learning how to think.
When I was but a young lad, I read a book you may have heard of,
"Think & Grow Rich", by some dead guy named Napoleon Hill.
The point of the book was to help you to think.
It gave me great suggestions on just how to do it.
But, it also tried to tell me what I should actually want.

What is it you thing about? And what do you really want?
If you want to be rich & famous, you look for an example to follow.
In reality I don't give a shit what you think or what you want.
I've got my peace of mind, and you can't change that at all.

I'm over the hill now, which is to say I'm more than 50 years old.
I never got rich, but I've always had fun.
I was just a young lad the last time I hit someone.
Since I've grown up, I absolutely know the truth, and I've never hurt anyone.
OH, but you might say that I've hurt your feelings,
but I'll tell you that you're absolutely wrong.
If you can' think for yourself my friends,
then you're obviuosly full of emotions.

Emotions don't get you anywhere, because there's no logic to them at all!
There are people out there today who think they understand,
they tell you GOD is Love, or they say you must learn to love.
That in reality is a crock of bullshit!
You don't need to do anything but survive before you die.
What do you think about that?

It's survival of the fittest whether you believe it or not.
We all try to do it unless you're suicidal.
Kill yourself and see if I care?
It doesn't make any difference to the world whether you live or die.
There's billions of us here already,
and as I type thes words & read this script a few more have been born.
So get over yourself already, in reality you can be replaced!
I HOPE you understand this truth, cuz' it ain't gonna CHANGE ever.

That guy from HOPE Arkansas was replaced by another Bush that wasn't burning.
The guy who promised you HOPE & CHANGE will be replaced someday soon also.
Hell, some of you HOPE he would CHANGE his act at this very moment.
You can HOPE for somebody else to CHANGE all your live long days,
in reality though, the truth is that you're the only person you can CHANGE.
Get that through your brain!

Anyway, back to Napoleon, not the Frenchman (that's me), but Mr. Hill.
One of the techniques he explained was talking to yourself.
Except he said that you can imangine that you're talking to someone else.
It would appear this type of thinking as infected your brain, you fool.
There's nobody else in that head of yours,
NOT GOD nor anybody else!

BUT, it's good to think about those who you admire,
andtry to emulate the way they think & what they actually do.
I think about a trinity, but it ain't the Christian GOD.
I'm talkin' 'bout that Buddha guy jeus & Mohammed.
I wish peace upon all 3 of them, while I have my peace of mind.

These guys didn't tell you what to think at all, regardless what you believe.
What they tried to explain to their followers was how to think with your mind.
Buddha in reality was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,
and he found peace of mind my friends by giving it all up!
(is that what the movie stars do, as they tell you how to vote? maybe they've got it all wrong!)
He didn't say that GOD was within, cuz' he didn't believe in ONE.
He was born into a society that believed in lots of them.
(do you want a world that looks like India? With all those gods, and caste system too?)

Jesus & Mohammed (PBUthem) were just regular Joe's,
who honestly never lied!
The societies they were born into were on the precipice.
Jesus disappeared before completing the task,
and 70 years later his chosen people wher almost destroyed.
They got carted off to all corners of the known world,
and the Romas were running the show!

Mohammed (PBUH) on the onther hand lived for many years.
An Angel named Gabriel helped deliver a book that contained the absolute word of GOD.
I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, and delivered to tell you the truth.
Islam means to simbit to GOD's Will - & I'm a man who's done this of my own free will.
I'm using this free will to tell you the truth, and in reality I am no liar.

I'm virtually jesus freakin' christ, do you know that that means my friends?
Jesus is a name originaly of sementic origin,
and christ is a greek word that means 'the anointed one'.
Don't think that I'm a god my friends, I've just been chosen by the ONE,
to tell you what the absolute truth is, and you can't deny what it is!
If you want peace of mind, you've got to ackt in apeaceful manner,
and you must take responsibility for all that you think & what you do!

I don't care what emotions this little ditty has made you feel.
The truth to the reality is taht they'll change in just a moment.
Yet everything around yo uwill still be just the same.
Do you understand what I'm tellin' you uet, or are you still confused?
That's not my problem friend, in reality it's yours!

You need to learn how to think, and forget what anybody else tells you.
Unless they're telln' you th truth!
So get over yourself already, and get on with your life.
I HOPE you know I'm tellin you this for your own freakin' good!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, jesus christ!

Your friendly & hones, Libertarian, Muslim Master Mind,
and that is the absolute truth!

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