Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Do you think they'll crucify me?

I don’t believe so, but what do I know?
I’m only virtually Jesus Christ online,
Where they say I can pay the fine.

In my mind I didn’t harass anyone, so I know what I must do.
In reality I must tell the truth, so I will plead not guilty.
Wouldn’t you?

Christ you know it was easy, cuz' I was just tellin' the truth.
I've got that peaceful easy feeling & I'm not imagining a thing.
Maybe those newspapermen can't cope with reality!
That's no reason to try & crucify me!

Now you know I'm no Ghost in the Machine, I'm Raging against the Machine.
I'm Sharp as a Razor, and I used to work at Sharp, where I was in the drug trade!
If you want to help, just drop me a message.
Don't put it in a bottle, make it publicly.
I'm not afraid of the Police!

In reality, I've got God on my side, and think I can handle this myself;
but truth be told, I've always said - the more the merrier! Okay?
It is the time to be merry I'm told.
The godmother Mary was just here spreading some cheer!
And for that I thank JA!

I HOPE you don't DREAD the CHANGE that may be comin' down the road!
But if you are,
try listening to those three little birds brother Bob sang about.
Do you think I'm the Natural Mystic he was singing about too?

Here is my story from the beginning when I first wrote the Morning Call,
It was after I recited the Shahada, but before I started going to the Masjid.
The Morning Call is the most important call to prayer in the Islamic religion,
And I am a Muslim Master Mind
I've taken the test at, and I've been told it's legitimate.
Go ahead, take the test yourself, come back and leave a comment.

I have been charged with simple harassment, citation #P8915746-0
Magisterial district 31-2-01. Karen C. Devine appears to be in charge there.
Do you think I’ll need divine intervention, or do you believe I can handle this myself?

Somebody claims I did something “with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another,
did engage in a course of conduct or repeatedly committed acts which serve no legitimate purpose.”
On or about 11/23/10 at 1:35pm, the Location being 101 N. 6th Street.

Let me assure all those concerned, that I have never been to that place at that moment.
In reality I was somewhere else in time & space.

To tell you the truth though, that address is the home of the Morning Call newspaper.
They request guest columns from their readers, and I had sent them one a few months ago.
I’ve done this with the Hazleton Standard-Speaker, and they almost always publish my work.
Just this summer the Citizens Voice & the Times-Leader did the same thing.
I’m just a citizen trying to be heard at this time, I’m not yet a leader of anything.
I HOPE you know that could CHANGE, but I leave that in GOD’s capable hands.
At the moment I’m explaining what’s going on, in a town near Bethlehem.

Anyway, the guy at the Morning Call didn’t respond to my article. I even told him to give me a call.
Since I didn’t hear back from anybody there, I sent them a courtesy email. I expected a courteous response.
A Mr. Orenstein did the responding, and said he wouldn’t be printing this article of mine.
He included his phone number, therefore I concluded it was okay to call him.
That is exactly what I did.
I simply asked him what seemed to be his problem, and reminded him of something important.
After that we said goodbye, but I told him I’d submit a few more articles.
And that’s exactly what I did.

One was about voting Libertarian, and the other was about the same thing.
I used different angles in each one of them, but they still didn’t understand anything.
I once again suggested they contact me to let me know how I could change the articles.
A Theresa Rang emailed me with a couple suggestions.
I did what she asked but nothing happened.
And  they still didn’t publish anything.
My legitimate purpose for contacting them was to try and understand what their problem might be.
You see, I read my pieces to some people I worked with, and they all seemed to agree.
They felt the articles had merit, and should see the light of day.
Mind you they are guys just trying to survive, all Sharp employees you see.
We all worked in the drug trade, until they fired me.

Do you think it had something to do with my morning call problem, or do you believe it was something else? In reality it had something with me becoming a Muslim, and telling the truth to the world.

Eventually I lost interest in those newspaper guys and didn’t contact them for weeks.
That is when I got a phone call from Detective Anderson at the Allentown P.D.
I had turned off my cell phone you see,
because I was at Friday Jumah Services at the Masjid in the valley.
Not too far from Bethlehem, and that’s the absolute truth.

Eventually the officer and i did talk on the telephone.
I asked him what seemed to be the problem, since the newspaper requested articles from me?
I was only following directions, and wondering what I could do to accommodate them
–to get my work published.
The Newspaper is a public concern, and they are supposed to be concerned about the public.
I am just a citizen trying to speak my peace, as I try to survive in this world.
The officer asked me to leave them alone, and I said I’d do it as a favor to him.
I then asked the man for a copy of his report, and he angrily responded “no way”
I asked why not?
He said the Morning Call Legal Department would send a letter my way.

In reality that never happened, instead I got something from their HR department.
The guys name was George Costanza, or something similar to that.
He was full of the Ultimate Conceit you see, he thought he had some power over me.
To tell you the truth he didn’t, and it wasn’t the legal department.
I had a legitimate purpose to call the man up, and ask him what went wrong.
Instead I had to leave a message, and that is the last time I contacted them for a couple months.

I never received that Legal Department Letter, and that is why I called them recently.
My legitimate purpose was to get to the bottom of the reason
why they don’t want my articles to be submitted to them.
And why did they call the cops?

Could it have anything to do with the truth to my reality,
that I have Submitted to God’s Will?

That guy Mr. Orenstein, may think he’s a chosen one,
but that isn’t a good reason to send the police after me.
So I ask you now if you please, who is harassing whom?

I have documented all of this as it happened,
Call them my video diary.
You can find them on my youtube channels, dmcfng, & jesus 2point3, 
and some on my blog too:
I’d call it my own little sunshine on you all,
To keep everybody honest.
Every word in this document is the Honest to God Truth.

Don’t ask me to swear on your bible, cuz’ it’s not the book that I trust.
I know that the Qur’an is the word of GOD,
and that it was delivered by an Angel named Gabriel.
I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, and delivered to tell the truth.
That is exactly what I’m doing, and in reality I am not the liar.

My summons says there’s a witness list, but it isn’t included anywhere at all.
I would like to know who my accusers are, so that I may confront them with the truth.
Once we’ve had a moment to talk, I’m sure they’ll understand.
I never intended to harass anyone, and I have a legitimate purpose for what I do.

So help me God.

Thanx  for your time and consideration in this matter.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
I HOPE you understand that I can’t CHANGE what has already happened, but in reality I know the truth.
If any of this causes distress, know that it isn’t my fault.
I’m just Dan the man trying to stay out of trouble, while Mr. Jesus 2.3 does what he wants.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,
Jesus Christ


  1. Well, I went to Kiersey and they said I was an Idealist (duh!), but they want money to tell me more. Not unlike a palm reader in many ways, or a horoscope. Can't read too much into that stuff or you'll be led astray for certain.

    I took a virtual walk in your neighborhood a few weeks ago. I can only see the front of your house, as Google didn't see fit to go down your cross street. I was a little disappointed. Do you rent or own? I'm just curious, it's a little informal survey I'm taking among my friends and acquaintances. I'm of the opinion, as a home buyer, that home "ownership" is way overrated. What do you think?

    I'd be interested in reading the article you submitted to The Morning Call. Maybe I can help you suss out what was wrong with it. I'm sure it was all just a big goofy misunderstanding, like used to happen on all those old sitcoms.

    Anyway, peace and joy to you.

  2. Sean,
    Nice to hear from you. I HOPE you've got all the CHANGE you need.
    Glad to hear you've got some good ideals, and yes Keirsey is out to make a profit.
    I'm no prophet nor am I a god,
    but in reality i'm telling you the truth.

    Try a Bing search of my place of residence,
    they have some nice imaging tools.
    Just realize what you see isn't always what you get.
    Unless you occupy the same space & time, it's all a matter of trust.

    This is the Love of my life's ancestral estate, and been in the family for generations. While home ownership is indeed overrated, the fact remains that property is real.
    We all want a little piece to call our home,
    a place where we can get some peace,
    & do whatever we want.
    I HOPE you know that takes some CHANGE.

    And as far as the articles go, you can find them on my pages. There's five of them posted in this blog, and the videos that go along with them.

    It's been a joy responding to your comment, may you & all your loved ones have peace of mind & joy in their lives too.