Friday, December 10, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! More Christmas cheer for the hardcore you!

Just me spreading some Joy during this season of yours,
and telling the truth about our common reality.

I HOPE it's not too hard core for you,
Whether you're 21 or 71 years old.
Or you've got an IQ of 71,
or you're a Muslim Master Mind like myself.

I've taken the test at,
why don't you take a moment to take stock of yourself,
before you start judging others.

In reality it's the wise thing to do, before you start dissing another.
If you can't respect yourself for what you think you believe,
will you ever know how to cope with reality when it stares you in the face?

Whether it's some thug on the mean streets of life, or virtually me, Jesus Christ,
you've gotta' get a hold of yourself before you say something stupid.
That's what it means to master one's mind,
know that I've already done that, and I've been there also.
so don't think you've got something on me!

Don't even think that I'm imagining anything,
and what you believe doesn't amount to anything,
Because in reality I am not a liar!
Do you think John Lennon was?

He was going to be 71 next year,
but as you know, that will never happen.
He also said the following:
"Christianity will go. It will vanish & shrink. . .
We're more popular than Jesus now-I don't know which will go first, rock & roll or Christianity"

We all know that John is gone, and the other 2 are still here.
Do you think they got what they deserved, or do you believe something went wrong?
John was gunned down by some crazy guy, do you think he was punished by God for saying the following: "Jesus Christ!!! He get's all the credit!"

In reality John was talking about Paul, and now i will too,
but the truth is that they're 2 different people.
Lennon was being vane and desired more credit,
I'm just tellin' you who you can blame for making Jesus GOD.
Now, let me try to explain.

Paul of Tarsus was a jewish boy, but he was also a Roman citizen.
He knew much about Greek society, and he comingled the belief systems of them all.

He spread the word about the anointed one, Mr. Jesus Christ version 1.0.
A prophet sent to the Hebrew people, who is now thought of a GOD by all sorts of people.
If they only knew the truth.

NO man is divine unless you're a Hindu and believe the Guru's can be.
Greek & Roman languages are Indo-European, and Hinduism is the religion of India.
The land where Buddha came from!

He ran away from it all to reach his personal Nirvana,
but in reality all he did was talk about it.

If you want to know the truth that sets one free, you must free your mind completely.
This is what Buddha tried telling you.
but you don't occupy the same time & space that he did,
So it's a little difficult for you to understand what he meant,
cuz' your mind isn't where his was,
and his mind isn't yours yet!

I'd suggest you submit to God's Will,
and let me tell you the results are much the same.
You'll have peace of mind, knowing your actions are peaceful,
as you proceed to do what GOD asks of you.
All you need do is read the book,
and look to the Prophet (PBUH) as your example.
You too will then know what I'm talking about,
and you may just find peace & happiness.

In reality, and I'm telling you the truth,
it's up to you, not me you see, and that's the way it's always been.
I'm just telling you the abosolute truth you big zero,
Is it too hard core for you, does it make you cry?
Know that it makes me happy, and I don't worry about you,
I have no reason to do that. Why would you worry about me?

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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