Friday, December 31, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Happy New Year to YOU!

Do YOU think you know what time it is,
or do you believe it doesn't exist?
In reality everything you think & do,
happens in time & space.

The space that you occupy, and the time that you do it,
will be the source of what fills your mind.
This is something you can't deny and I am not a liar.

I'm virtually jesus christ come to tell you all the truth.
You may think tomorrow starts a new year,
but it is only because of what you believe in.
I HOPE you know you can CHANGE that,
but it must start within yourself - I can't do it for you.

Some people think the cycle never ends, and they'll always get another chance.
Others have a problem knowing they even exist, and waste their time wondering about it.
Both of them are lost & confused, but they still want to survive.
Leave them be and you will see that they are usually harmless.
If they lie, cheat, or steal, they should be punished like everybody else,
but not before they do it, do you understand what this means?

And then there are those who choose to believe, some of them think and others don't.
You can't blame religion for the dumb things man does in the name of his GOD.
If you think that a man can become GOD, then you've made a serious mistake.
If a man can be one, then a woman can too, but in reality none of us is divine.
To tell you the truth, i'm just dan the man, even though I'm jesus christ,
virtually speaking to you at this moment.

Know that i didn't choose this course, I'm just following the signs.
If you believe that you're one of GOD's chosen people,
know that I think that time has gone, & I'm simply tellin' you how it is!
I'm not the new Messiah, although I may be messin' with your mind.
Do you know what this means to the world, or are you deaf, dumb, & blind?

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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