Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! For the Hardcore Fruitcake Lover's out there.

(my mother makes a fruitcake this time of year, and everybody seems to like it.
Will you like my blog entry? Know that it's the truth and no lie!)Jesus Christ!!! For the hardcore fruit within you!
Are you 71? I know you’re not Johnny,
Maybe you’re a boy I’ll call Sue, If that’s okay with you?
Are you looking for Cash? Or Derrick & the Dominoes?
Johny died at 71, & Eric did George Harrison’s Lady,
Oh and he’s dead too!  Do you you see the link yet?
I know who the hell I am, I’m starin’ you in the face,
I’m Dan the Man in real life, and I’m Jesus freakin’ Christ,
In virtual reality.
That ain’t no lie!

I’m not a Christian or a Jew, I’m a Muslim Master Mind,
But the International Fellowship of Christians & Jews has ordained me Mr. Jesus 2.3
The GOD of Abraham. I think that Rabbi just wants money!

This is the absolute truth - I am no GOD! And you aren’t divine!
And neither is the Swami in this picture [i](or maybe the words in the song)[/i],
He’s just a sentient being with a target on his foreskin!
How’s that for some hard core truth you little boy blue?
If I wanted to I could crush you like the grape in my hand,
But on the other hand I’m havin’ too much fun messin’ with your mind.
I called detective Anderson at the Allentown PD today,
And left a message on his machine about some kid whose got my internet ID information.
I told him the boob sent me a message on your tube. Does that ring a bell?
I Rang a bell at the morning call, after the morning call for prayer.
Theresa sent me an email, & Mr. Orenstein gave his number.
I talked to one of them and the White Guy.
Guess which one thought he was chosen?
He called Detective Anderson First,
And I called him back, and now I’ve called him about you!
Email me, and I’ll give you his number,
One’s with the media, and the other is a public servant,
Neither should really have a say, and what makes you think they care about you?
Or do you believe everything you’re mommy told you?
Must I repeat who my mother was little one?
I was nurtured In the womb of Gabrielle, not an angel, but my mother just the same.
I was born into this world to set things straight,
And tell the truth to little twerps like you.
The Qur’an was delivered by an Angel named Gabriel,
Any Jew should be able to tell you that angels aren’t girls!

They just can’t understand that Mohammad was the last Prophet (PBUH),
Maybe they haven’t taken enough time to gain the proper knowledge.
In reality you’ll have to ask them what their problem is.
I have none, I've submitted to GOD's Will,
& I’m a slave to ALLAH, & HIS soldier of PEACE [i](don't believe for a moment that I'm the only one. What do you think now?)[/i]. . .

Virtually jesus christ.

Must I remind you?

Jesus is of Semitic origin, Iesa is the name in Arabic,
You can call me Uncle Iesa if you want too, hard core.
But Christ is a Greek word you know. It means the anointed one.
Not divine, not even GOD. Don’t blame me for what’s in your mind.
Christmas is two Greek words, and I’ve already covered the first one.
The second one is Mass, and it exists in three states, do you think Boston has anything to do with it?
Look it up on wikipedia and figure it out yourself, I’m done with you tonight,
I’m going to bed. Why don’t you pick up the Qur’an and start reading as fast as you can,
I’ll get back with you when it suits my desire.
You’ve got my address, cuz’ you sent me that message, would that be considered a cybercrime?
Just so you know - Harman Geist Stadium is to the east of my mind, google it, and take a sightseeing trip! [i](try to erase the image from your mind)[/i]
Now sit on it and rotate! It was provided by the eye in the sky, but I think it was the Spirit in the sky,
GOD, the Deity I call ALLAH, the Infinite Reality. . .
that was here before time,
& will be there long after you are gone.

Do you see where this is going?

With an Everlasting Love,
NOW, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,
Jesus Christ
(or you can call me Dan the Man. I'm no Maccabee,
but I'm a McFarling you see, who's actually a Frenchman {ask dan brown & sylvia browne what that means. I don't make this crap up, but it's in your mind now! What do you think about that?}
the spelling was changed cuz' of an arguement,
but it doesn't really matter at the moment.
Wouldn't you agree?)[/i]

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