Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! How Weird is Steve? Do you think he's Stern?

Jesus Christ!!! How Weird do you think Steve is, and do you believe in Stern talking?

This is is virtually jesus christ comin' at you at the speed of the light on your computer screen. If one of these two goons has any balls, maybe you'll hear me through the airwaves of our media handlers.

Do you think either of them will respond? Will they wonder what's goin' on? In the world, and also in my mind?

Only time will tell, but I've got time on my hands - did you know my business relations have been "severed"? I've still got all my body parts, but in reality they may offer to pay. You'd think they'd want to give me some severance money - or hust money if that's what you want to call it.

I HOPE they know I'm lookin' for more CHANGE than anything they could offer me. I'd gladly take my job back, if they come crawling on back...

to the coffeeshop, where I sell my DVD. Who knows what will happen to them, although I do know that they will all die. it happens to the best & worst of humanity. Get over it already, some one will arrive to take your place. Unless it's the end of time. Never mind, just go out & play!

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