Monday, September 20, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! You can now get the DVD from PayPal

Introducing to the world, Jesus Christ in Virtual Reality.
Get your DVD today. The cost is only $2, plus $3 shipping & handling.
A bargain at any price!

See the introduction that was banned by the OPRAH Network!
See the doGz fighting over the world! Discover the secrets of creation.
Finally we visit the crib of Jesus. Images never seen until this moment.
Learn the TRUTH about the reality we all share together, & the REASON for our being hear today.

All this and more are in the DVD. Every word has been verified as accurate & true.
In reality you will be amazed by what you see & hear!

Get yours today!
The Creator has decided not to enforce any copyrights or trademarks on this DVD. This gives you the FREE & CLEAR right to make copies & resell the product. I HOPE you don't CHANGE anything on the DVD, but you may create any cover you want. Let the buyer beware - you can't tell a DVD by it's cover. Same goes with books.

If you'd rather, you can trade the DVD for something more valuable. If you don't like what you see, simply burn it & give it to another. Maybe they will understand. Anyway, I HOPE you know that you can make some CHANGE from this DVD.
It will be okay with me! In the end, if it helps you to survive another day, then I will be happy & HOPEFULLY you will be too.

Just to warn you , there is some bathroom humor, and brief nudity. Nothing you can't handle or see on TV already. It has been created in HD Video, but some of the content isn't. C'est La Vie - It's still funny as HELL. If your mind is right.
Get yours now!

Jesus Christ!!! The DVD Event for the ages!

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