Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jesus Christ! The Computer made me do this!

This was the video that was meant to be, but there was a ghost in the machine that prevented it.
Do you think it was HOLY or not? In reality there's no such things as ghosts. It's a trinity of truth & reality.
Sorry about taking the shit in the end, but tell me friend, are you ready for your end?
I HOPE my Brothers & Sisters in Islam are. You do whatever you want.

While ghosts are all in your head, there are a trinity of Jean's in my life & they are definitely real,
To tell you the truth only one is real now, she's Love's twin. Love's mother is dead, and she was the other one.

Then there's the Jean that I laid in a park. She wanted to be a lawyer like linkin. I'm the guy representing the GOD of Abraham, but I'm no linkin. In reality he was a republican & I'm a libertarian Muslim. The reason for this is because I know what the truth is, & I'm just going to let it happen the way GOD planned it.
This Jean was married at the time she was screwing me. I guess she'd make a good lawyer because they like to screw the other guy, and most of them are liars. It goes with the job.

I HOPE you understand that everything I've typed is the GOD's Honest TRUTH, and you can't CHANGE what happened,
though I could have changed the words.
Do you think the spelling is as important as the way it sounds in your head?

With an Everlasting Love,
Now & Forever Always,

Jesus Christ (in virtual reality)

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