Monday, September 27, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Who's in charge hear?

Okay Dudes & Dudettes, the plot thickens, but is the thought plickining?
You must decide, for in reality I'm just tryin' to do my job.
The job that my employer expects, & the work that my love desires.

I HOPE they both know that I will not CHANGE for no reason at all.
To tell you the truth, I need a very good reason before I do much of anything.

I had a reason to make a DVD. I made it for Joseph, Mary's friend not her husband. If you remember, she's the Godmother in the story. Joseph is the man who takes the measure & draws up a plan. We have a good time whenever we get together.

I really HOPE I get to keep my job, because the CHANGE is adequate for my lifestyle. Just on the slim chance that I get fired, do you think you could fire off an order for my DVD? Mind you, I'd have to sell thousands to make any money. HELL, I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by not enforcing any copyright or trademark restrictions on my creation.

How do I expect to make much profit if I allow you to copy & resell at your hearts will?
Or trade it up for something more valuable in your mind. To be honest with you, you could even burn the damn thing & give it away. As always, the decision is yours. Choose wisely my friend, for tomorrow may never come. In your case, maybe it will though. Get the damn video!


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