Friday, October 1, 2010

Jesus Christ!!!ABC & the Stoner

While Love & I where in bed this morning Diane came into the room,
I saw her on the TV screen talking to some Stoner dude. She was plugging 20/20 for the 10/1/10 nighttime show, I'm wouldn't mind plugging Diane some day, but right now I'm actually married.
This is my response to a question the Stoner dude will ask tonight. In reality he's already asked the question, and ABC has decided what answer they will air. Just to clear the air at the moment I thought I'd create an answer too. I'm virtually jesus christ you know & I'm a Muslim man too.
Since the show is going to be about Islam I figured I'd give it a go. I'll be watching the show tonight, but I'll be using a critical eye. You may not believe this when I tell you, but I absolutely know what is true.
In reality though I can't predict the future, because I'm no prophet you see.
Now Jesus Christ was a prophet, but that was the 1st guy you see, I'm jesus 2.3 and neither of us are GOD. To tell you the truth my real name is Daniel, and I'm told he was a prophet. If you look up the name on Wikipedia, you'll find out who is my only Judge. Know that I'm a dream interpreter, but the dream I interpret is the reality we live together. That's until the Judgement Day, or the day you die...
whichever one comes first.
Until then you have a nice day, and enjoy my videos. If you'd like to see more of me, might I suggest my DVD? It's only $2, +$3 for shipping & handling.

You can copy it all you want, sell it that's okay by me.
I HOPE it helps to make some CHANGE in your life or maybe the world. Know that everything is alright in my world and also yours. Just trust in GOD, and tell the truth, & whatever happens next, know that it will be GOD's WILL.

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