Monday, April 2, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! An Epistle about Epistemology

Epistemology is the study of knowledge,
what it is, how you acquire it,
& is it possible to know anything at all?

While statements of belief are based on faith,
Statements that are true are based on knowledge,
And categorically cannot be false.
What it takes is some sort of proof, that all can agree on,
but if I know something that in reality you don't,
will you take it on faith or discover the proof,
that I know what I'm talkin' about?

In reality you must decide what it’s all about,
because I’m just here to tell you what the truth is, regardless what you believe.
Knowledge is the key, to understanding me,
And if you HOPE for a little CHANGE in your life,
in reality it's the same damn thing.

I’m not here to save your butt, but I do know what the truth is,
And there’s actually no secret to finding your peace of mind.

All you’ve gotta’ do is take total control of that space between your ears,
Because the space in front of your own two eyes,
is the light of reality that was there before you arrived.
Some of it you can touch, and some of it you can’t,
but nobody created it all out of nothing, of that you can be sure of.

While Stephen is Hawking his Nothing as God,
He keeps apologizing if he’s offended somebody,
But I see nothing wrong with his theory of everything,
Except for the word he chooses to use for God.

While his head is filled with Nothing as the reason for it all,
In my mind God is Reason, in reality it's as simple as that.
I know my reason for being here, and that’s no lie at all.
I thank Allah for blessing me with the life that I’ve had,
And for giving me the love of my life.

Now there are some loaded words,
For those who choose not to believe.
that ALLAH is God;
your life will end soon;
& what is that love of my life?

I’m here to give you some knowledge, & a little food for thought,
Nobody’s asking for 30 pieces of silver, but I may mention the golden rule.
For those who know the truth about me, this won’t come as a surprise,
But for those of you who think you virtually know Jesus Christ,
Remember, I’m Mr. Jesus 2.3 in this reality.

I've been labeled as much by the “International Fellowship of Christians & Jews”,
Who have pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”.
And I've got the proof for the statements I've made,
but now you've got that knowledge too.

Many of you know another guy named Jesus,
The one they call the Christ,
but I'll just call him Jesus 1.0
In order to differentiate one from the other,
but remember, no man can be his own son & father,
And you should know just what I mean.

Many are chosen, but who does the choosing?
And do they know why they've been chosen in the end?
I didn't choose to be the one who knows,
but I'm doin' what a man's gotta' do once he knows what the truth is!

A man that I know who goes by the name Alpha,
We’ll call the Alpha man for this story.
He was born a Christian, that's something I know,
but at the moment I don't think he believes.
Truth be told he talks the Buddhist game,
& claims that Nirvana can't be found,
it's for those who aren’t in reality searching.

Evidently he doesn’t know much about Sid,
the kid who started it all, and the proof he was part of a plan.
His father the king tried to stop it from happening,
But it was a HOPE he had, that didn’t CHANGE anything,
that was already meant to be.

Sid was a prince who snuck away one night,
In the selfish pursuit of gaining the knowledge,
that would lead him to his destiny.
Eventually he called it Nirvana after he sat under a tree.

It took him many years to find it,
and many more to explain what it is.
But in the end, he gave people a reason,
To believe he knew what he was talkin' about.
And that's how Buddhism was born.

He was born a rich prince, with a silver spoon in his mouth,
but lived as a poor monk before he made the CHANGE.
Do you HOPE he’ll return to sort it all out,
Or do you desire another guru,
Who will offer you some cosmic debris?

I’m not one of them you know,
but I do know what the truth is,
And in reality I’m as happy as can be.

I wasn’t searching for anything, nor was I sitting under a tree,
But I had just got laid off, where I was an elf in a tree,
Figuratively speaking, of course.

At that moment in time it simply began to fill my brain,
And I never asked anybody for it!
When it was all done, the only way I could describe it,
Was to say I knew what Jesus Christ did.

It was the truth, that set me free & gave me peace of mind. . .
. . . but in reality it merely confused, the ones that I love the most.

Silence is golden, that's no lie, & I try to live by the golden rule,
But I wanted to give others a piece of my mind while I still had the time,
So I made a video, and ran for office, before I got another job.
That's something you may not have known about me, but in reality it's actually true.

I’m a Libertarian who knows the meaning of the word,
And what it takes, if you want to be free.
but you've gotta’ let the other guy be free,
and you can't force your desires for a heaven on earth,
on those who imagine a world that's never been.
You've gotta' accept reality for what it truly is,
but it don't hurt to help the other guy too,
if you both cooperate when you do it.

That’s what you call reciprocity my friends,
It’s the reflection seen in the golden rule.
When you do what you do,
Because what you see is in you,
You can answer your own questions,
About what to do this very moment.

But what happens when the reflection is gone?
That’s when it helps to know what it was,
So you may recognize the light when it returns.
You might say that I’ve returned as Mr. Jesus 2.3,
But who was I before that moment came?

I was born Daniel Harold McFarling,
In Germany of an American Father, & French Mother.
That makes a trinity of countries associated with me.
I was given the world in a book when I was born,
by a loving Father, but he wasn't a god.

Daniel means ‘God is my Judge’,
so don’t bother judging me,
It’ll do you no good in the end.

Herald can be one who proclaims, don’t you know,
But it’s got another meaning also,
Harold was the leader of a great army in the past,
Will I lead one in the future though?

Hell if I know, I’m not the All Knowing ONE,
But I am a smart ass know it all!

Don’t have a cow, if you think I’m mocking you now.
I’m just killing some time, & I love to have some fun,
But the truth can hurt sometimes.

Anyway, I HOPE you know I haven’t CHANGED the story,
simply because some may know another story,
Popularized by the Da Vinci Code.

Isn’t it funny the way life imitates art, or in reality is it the other way around?
I’m a French citizen, with the documents to prove it, who is virtually Jesus Christ.
I’m the master of my own domain, and that’s no lie,
but do I have Jewish blood running through my veins?

I don’t know, I haven’t taken that test, but I’ve taken a different one instead.
When the results were all tabulated, it said I was a mastermind.
I’ve mastered my mind, and got my peace of mind,
But what should I do with the time that I’ve got left?

I’ve gained all sorts of knowledge,
Since the truth popped into my head,
I've connected the dots as they entered my mind.
and I don’t mind telling you what I logically concluded,
Is that I do know what the hell truth is,

In reality it’s my life that helps explain it,
whether you want to believe it or not.
I’ve got the documents to prove what I say,
And many who know are still alive to this day,
But that may CHANGE at any moment . . .
Regardless what any of us HOPE for.

Now, here’s a little word play, and in reality it’s all true,
But will you have the knowledge to keep up without a playbook?
Just remember who I virtually am, as I tell you this story.
None of the names have been CHANGED,
And I believe HOPE is at home at the moment.

Just the other day the love of my life, & I, had a little fun,
But then it was time for her to rest in peace.
It wasn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last,
WWJD, you might even ask,
but I’m not going to answer that question.

What I did was to invite the girlfriend over,
And Mary arrived not too long after that.
In reality she’s the Godmother, but the truth is that she isn't mine,
It’s the child that will go nameless at this moment in time.

There are some who will claim that Mary was the name,
of the woman who ran off with Jesus 1.0,
While others claim that Mary was the Mother of God, of that you can be sure of.
But in the Surahs of the Noble Qur’an there’s a chapter known as Mariam.
She was the mother of Jesus 1.0, who in reality was never a god,
and Marian is married to my father, But I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle,
& delivered to tell you the truth.

Gabriel was the angel that delivered the Qur’an to the final prophet known as Muhammad.
Peace be with him, & all of God’s prophets,
But also those who told the universal truth to all of mankind.
You can’t blame them for what others have done,
in the name of those who came before you.

WWJD, you may ask once again, but the “J” ain’t gonna’ answer.
It’s all in your head, the voices that you hear,
& God talks to nobody at this very moment.

What happened in the past, none of us can know,
but you can learn a lot if you read between the lines.
Take the time to think it through,
before you begin to ASSume,
Just don’t over ANALyze the situation,
before all is said & done.

ALLAH is the God that Created it all, both the seen & unseen too.
You can use any name you choose to call the Deity,
Just don't believe a man can become a god,
simply because you read it in a book.

God is the Deity that transcends both space & time, That Nothing can compare too.
This is the same damn thing that Stephen is Hawking even as he denies the truth.
In reality he’s just some guy sitting in a chair, who’s got his mind filled with Nothing.

That’s just fine with me you see, it’s what others do when they meditate.
They say it's the way to find yourself, as you try to deny your ego.
When all you’ve gotta’ do, is admit to the truth, That no man can become a god.
And if you submit to the will of God, before you're finally done, You just may find your peace of mind.

All is going according to the plan that’s been progressing since the beginning of time,
And I’m not here to CHANGE anything, of that you can be sure of.
If you HOPE for something else, you’ve got another thing coming,
And you can’t take anything with you when you’re gone.

But what happens after that moment you many ask.
that's knowledge only reserved for God,
and Nothing is gonna' CHANGE that truth,
Regardless what you HOPE for.

But many still desire to know, and argue about what they can't know.
So I made up a little story about the moment when all of this began.

One being looked at the other one day,
and he described what he saw,
It was an endless cycle that kept repeating itself,
he assumed it was here before he came,
But the woman said that's not it at all!
She just bore a child, but lost one before,
and knew it may happen again.

The struggle to survive began at that moment,
and the never ending argument also!

Do you plan for the end if you believe it will never come,
Or live life for the moment that we all know will come?
C’est la vie or Joie de Vivre, the choice is yours to make,
But the place & time where you were born,
Is all a matter of fate, And yet there’s still a reason why it all happened.

That’s the plan that many can’t see,
As they imagine a world that’s never been,
And HOPE for a heaven on earth.
But if you want to CHANGE the paradigm,
You can’t be chasing your trivial pursuits,
And all your profits of dollars & cents,
Won’t bring peace to this earth.

What it takes is to understand the words,
We use when we communicate with each other,
And remember that sticks & stones may break your bones,
But words can never hurt those who know the truth,
And can control their inner self.

Responsibility is what it takes to be free, & knowledge is the key.
Learn what it takes to think for yourself, & take responsibility for all your actions.
One takes place within the mind, and your actions take place in time.
There’ll come a time when you can’t do either, of that you can be sure of.
That’s the moment when we all get what we deserve, regardless what you believe.

Some may say you’ll have another day in the sun,
And others believe you must say God had a son, if you want to live forever.
In reality I don’t believe either of them, because I know what the truth is.

I’m not the Judge, and I’m not the God either, nor am I some sort of Guru.
I’m just a guy who tries to abide, but I know that nobody gets out of here alive.
I’m not worried about what comes next, because I’m not the ONE who’ll decide.

I’m not about to kill myself, and I’ll protect my life with your own,
But I know there’ll come a time when I'll die, & I try my best with the life I’ve got left.
I’m just a guy who knows my reason for being, and I thank ALLAH for blessing me so far.
WWJD, she’ll be getting up soon, so I’d better get busy doing something else now!

Peace be with you who know what the truth is,
And may the rest of you start asking the right questions,
if you don’t want to remain confused about what’s going on at the moment!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,
Jesus christ


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  2. In reality you've left me a message for all to see my dear, of that you can be sure of. But it's the Surahs of the Noble Qur'an I'd like the readers to understand, before all's been said & done.
    To tell you the truth, there's no need to contact me privately, I've got nothing to hide my dear. Knowledge is the key to understanding me, & I know what it takes to be free.