Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! Just who the hell do you think you are?

And what about me, also?

To tell you the truth, you’re just like me,
we're a reflection of each other, but we go by different names.
I’ve told you that I’m Mr. Jesus 2.3, But in reality you may not believe me.
I’m also Jesus Christ, virtually speaking of course, and I’m the master of my own domain,
But to tell you the truth, you may not understand exactly what that means.

I’m not tryin’ to be mean with the things that I say, but somebody’s gotta’ do it anyway.
There are those of you who believe that a man is God, but that guy disappeared many years ago.
I’m not gonna’ tell you that he died on the cross, because in reality I wasn’t there,
But the truth is that he’s not here at this moment in space & time, and that’s good enough for me.

There’s a Brown man, & Browne woman also who wrote in some books,
That Jesus 1.0 lived out his life in the south of France,
and a descendent will eventually come forward.
The truth is that I may be that man,
and it’s a fact that I’m a French Citizen also.
I’ve been circumcised, baptized twice,
and ordained a priest in these latter days,
But in reality I’ve lived most of my life as an agnostic man,
just goin’ with the flow.

There was a moment about 15 years ago when I had some time to kill.
I was laid off from my job at Keebler back then,
and was hangin’ out at home.
I wasn’t searching for anything,
and that’s no lie, but it found me just the same.

This it that I’m talkin’ about is the truth my friends, regardless what you believe.
Now Sid was the man who became Buddha if you didn’t know,
And he was sitting under a tree when he began to see the light,
But he took flight before that moment arrived,
and left the wife that he had.

I’m glad to tell you I haven’t done such a thing,
and my wife is the love of my life.
Nevertheless, the same thing happened to me,
but I wasn’t under a tree, Of that you can be sure of.

They say he sat there for about a week,
and that’s about how long it took for me also.
At the time of that event, I didn’t know a lot about Buddha,
but I did know something about Jesus 1.0.

That’s the man many know as Christ,
a Greek word that means the chosen one.
Do you think I’ve been chosen for this task I’ve undertaken,
before God takes me away?

Anyway, I told my wife, and my mother also, that I knew what Jesus did too.
Wouldn’t you know, they both responded the same way,
With disbelief and confusion also, but in reality I understood why.
They both believe the man was a god, and he'll return to save the day.

That’s when I decided that I’d better take the advice of those who say silence is golden.
I didn’t repeat that statement for many a year, but I’ll tell you what I did do back then.
I made a video that I sent to the networks explaining what I had to say.
What I said is that we’re all in this together my friends,
even though you may think something else.

Some believe time is a never ending cycle,
while others believe it has a beginning & end.
For some reincarnation explains what happens when we die,
While others think we’ll spend eternity in heaven or hell, depending on what you believe.
But then again there are some who don’t believe in any of that, of that you can be sure of.

The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an can help you to understand, if you put your mind to it my friends.
It’s all about the different mindsets of man, and what it takes to find your peace of mind.
That’s what that guy Buddha taught also, but he occupied a different place in space & time.
Muhammad was the guy who was inspired by an angel, who went by the name of Gabriel.
Peace be upon both of those men, and peace be with Jesus 1.0 too.

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle,
and delivered to tell you the truth also.
Call it my dumb luck if it makes you happy,
or synchronicity if it makes you feel better,
But in my mind there’s a reason for it all,
that I simply call the will of God.

I didn’t choose my mother you know, or the country she was raised in long ago,
I may have chosen Mary as the Godmother in my life, but it was long before I saw the light.

I don’t imagine a world that’s never been, and I didn’t dream all of this up either.
I’ve got proof for all that I’ve been telling you all, and that’s no lie my friends.
The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews are the ones who’ve labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3,
And they’ve been pushing the envelope with the God of Abraham, in the hope for a little change.

I’m just a man who knows my reason for being here now, and I thank ALLAH for giving me life.
The Deity that goes by many names, is the Divine Reality that transcends both space & time,
God is the Creator of the seen & unseen also, that nothing can compare too.
Stephen has been Hawking Nothing as his creator,
But there are scientists & theologians who don’t believe him.

In my mind God is Reason don’t you know,
and in Stephens mind the Reason is Nothing,
In reality there’s no difference between the two,
and the truth is that neither is a man.
Stephen claims all is following a plan,
and he calls it the law of physics,
While I say the same damn thing also,
but to make it simple I call it the Will of God.

Either way you see it, you should try to understand this truth,
That no man can change the future, regardless what you hope for.
In reality if it hasn’t happened yet, you can’t change what you don’t know.
And the past can’t be changed either, but you can believe all sorts of things about it.

People use words & images to manipulate your mind, as they HOPE for a little CHANGE of their own.
While many chase profits of dollars & cents, Some try to make sense of the prophets of God,
And that’s no lie at all, But Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus 1.0 also, knew just what the truth is.
They All knew what in reality it takes to find your peace of mind, before you rest in peace.

The truth that sets you free, isn’t about believing in them, And I’m not here to save your butt,
But knowledge is the key to understanding me, and it takes responsibility to set yourself free.
Take responsibility for all that you think & everything you do, there’s no secret to it at all.
One takes place within the mind, and your actions take place in time.

Admit that there’ll come a time when you can’t do either at all,
And you may begin to understand what the truth is.
Take some time to think it through, and then reflect on what’s going on,
If you hope for the change to overcome you also, and find your peace of mind.

I can’t guarantee you’ll be as happy as me,
And you may actually die tryin’ before you get there,
But that’s the destiny for every human being,
as we try to be all we can be.

You can’t blame me, because I didn’t make the rules,
Nor did I vote for those who do it to you.
Don’t blame others for what’s your own damn fault,
If you want to find your own peace of mind.

Now that I’ve given you a piece of my mind,
and a little food for thought also,
Can you recognize the signs?
Do you know what time it is now?

If you’d like to discover more about the truth,
And the reality that we all share,
You could contact my cousin, who’s a bigshot at the network,
Where Stephen was Hawking his nothing.

Peace be with those of you who are searching for the truth,
May you find what your heart desires, regardless what you choose to do.
For the rest of you, and your loved ones too, may you live long & prosper also.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & forever Always,
Virtually yours,

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