Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! 'Tis Better to be Pissed Off . . .

. . . as opposed to being pissed on! One would think, would you not agree?

And when someone cuts the cheese,
does it always smell the same as it did the time before?

The words that we choose to use can confuse my friends,
If they begin to lose their true meanings,
& others make it up along the way.
While many deny that in reality truth exists,
There are those who know exactly what it means,
and have a reason for their happiness.

They take responsibility for all they think,
and everything that they do,
As they try to live by the golden rule.
They go with the flow, and they try to abide,
But we all get pissed off once in a while.

There’s no secret to why it happens,
When others try to take advantage,
And your good intentions were meant to make them happy.
But then again, I'm not tryin' to be mean my friend,
but that may be your problem all along.

If all you do, you do for others,
You’ll never know just what the truth is.
As you pursue your happiness,
You’ve gotta’ take the liberty to get what you desire,
Before the CHANGE finally overcomes you.

If you HOPE for a heaven on earth,
Or imagine a world forever at peace,
You’ve gotta’ find your peace of mind 1st,,
And stop dreaming of a world,
that only exists inside your head.

The truth that sets a being free,
Is all about responsibility, and knowledge is the key.
Take responsibility for all you think, and everything that you do,
And you just may discover your personal Nirvana,
before your flame gets extinguished.

But don’t even think, while you sit and meditate,
That there’s nothing to be gained from saying your prayers.
To tell you the truth, that’d be a lie my brother.

So reflect a bit, & say your prayers,
because in reality it hurts no one.
It just may please the ONE you love,
and the ONE you submit to,
when the end time comes.

What you do to pass the time,
is entirely up to you,
Unless of course you lie, cheat, or steal,
then Justice must prevail.

And if all you do is chase trivial pursuits,
You’ll never get what all mankind desires.

You may believe that you’ll never die,
Or that you’ll be saved when your life here ends,
But that’s a reality that will never happen,
So cherish every moment you have left.

The evidence is in & I’m here to say,
The truth can hurt, and that’s no lie,
But love can overcome the fear.

If you love the ONE that gave you life,
You’ll do what it takes to stay alive,
And protect the ones you love most dearly also.

It’s true that each one of you is an individual to the core,
But in reality we are people that like to socialize, the rich & the poor also.
The company you keep is up to you, but your family is flesh & blood.
And the collectives that we organize come in many sizes.

Some are gangs, and others are clubs,
but it includes companies & countries too,
But the religion that you came to know first,
was a choice made before your birth.

If all you do is what you’re told, you’ll never think it through for yourself,
And in the end you’ll get manipulated by those who HOPE for a little CHANGE.
That’s just the way it goes, when you believe in anything or nothing whatsoever.

If all you do is chase happy moments,
will you get pissed off when that moment comes to an end,
Or do you piss on the ONE who created, it all,
without thinking it through, my friend?

I HOPE you know, that when all is said & done,
You’ll be making that final CHANGE before you know it,
You may not like what happens next,
But you’ll get exactly what you deserve,
of that you can  be sure of.

Stop chasing gold and making rules, if you want to know the truth,
Start living by the golden rule, and the words in that book of yours.

Just don’t believe it’s all about me, for in reality it’s not.
I'm not here to save your butt, but I was circumcised shortly after birth.
I've been baptized twice, ordained a priest in these latter days,
And The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews,
have labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3.

But in reality I’m a Muslim man, of that you can be sure of.
They’ve pushed the envelope with ‘The God of Abraham”,
chasing their profits of dollars & cents,
but wise men know it’s a waste of time,
& that ain’t no lie my friends.

You’d be better off if you try making sense of the Prophets of God,
And those who told the truth about the universe that we all share.
There’s a trinity of guys I know who essentially said the same thing,
But they did it all, at different places, in both time & space.

The words they used were different then,
but that’s the way it goes,
When space & time affect the place,
where the consciousness resides within you.

The light you see with your own two eyes, is what it is all about,
But what you perceive goes on in that space between your ears,
And don’t believe everything that you hear.
If you want to know the truth my friends,
you’ve gotta’ be there when it happens!

And that’s all I’ve gotta’ say in this epistle,
at this very moment.
Maybe in the next one,
I’ll discuss epistemology.
God Willing, of course!

With an everlasting Love,
Now & Forever Always,
Virtually yours, jesus christ

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