Sunday, July 24, 2011

Islam in 3 easy minutes, as explained by me, Virtually Jesus Christ.

An addict challenged me just a moment ago, so I decided to take him up on his offer.
This is the video I desired to make by manipulating space & time.
What this means is the light on the screen didn't just happen by accident,
But know that I didn't create anything, for only GOD can do that you fool.

GOD is the Infinite Reality that transcends both time & space,
The Creator of the seen & unseen, that gives life to everything & nothing at all, all at once!
The Reason for you, and the Reason for me, whether or not you believe it's true.
I'm just the Dude who tries to abide, as I go with the flow of life.
I'm only one particle in the wave of light that is Islam, that many misunderstand.

In reality it's a word that means Submission to GOD, and I've done it of my own free will,
but the truth is that I'm not a free agent in this game, do you think you can run from fate?
Know that I'm not here to save you, and you can't blame me for the problems you perceive.
I'm neither a god, nor a divine being, and don't think you are either - for that would be a lie!

I'm simply Mr. Jesus 2.3, tellin' it like it is - whether or not you can cope with that reality.
the truth that sets you free, isn't believing in me, what it is, is responsibility!
Take responsibility for all that you think, and everything you do,
And you will feel like you've reached Nirvana,
but the truth is that it's a gift from ALLAH, when you submit to the Will of GOD.

I HOPE you know you can believe whatever you want, but in reality you can't CHANGE the truth.
HOPE & CHANGE has been used by others, to manipulate you - and maintain the powers that be.
You may think they do it for you, but everybody has their own agenda to survive!
If you want to pursue happiness, it takes more than you'll ever believe.

Life & Liberty are all well & good, but we all need a little CHANGE to survive,
I HOPE you know you can't always get what you want, but if you desire peace of mind, it's possible.
Simply accept reality for what it truly is, and live by the golden rule.
"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" - but think before you act!

One takes place in your mind, and the other takes time to do.
When you understand just how it all began, you'll know it's not all about you, you silly fool.
It takes logic & reason, and an open mind too - but you've gotta' let ALLAH into your heart.
In Reality GOD isn't Love, nor is GOD some sort of man,
in my mind GOD is Reason, and that's the truth - whether you believe it or not.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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