Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! What's Stephen got against God's T.O.E.?

There's this man Hawking and the Theory Of Everything.
He's quite the Curiosity, on a network called Discovery,
where my dear cousin works as a vice president of sorts.

She's a bigshot there, and I'm a nobody near here,
while Stephen Hawking is somewhere else in space at this time.

He's the guy who wants to manipulate your mind into believing that GOD is nothing;
She's the cousin who could give me a show, if she could find a good reason to give it a go,
and I'm virtually Jesus Christ,
the man some Rabbi tried playing tricks on, in the HOPE for a little CHANGE.

In reality the group of Christians & Jews he represents labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3.
Just so you know that don't make me Jesus 1.0, the man many know as Christ.
You must decide why they've pushed the envelope, that says the GOD of Abraham
(known as ALLAH in Islam - and of this all the scholars are sure of)?
The Surahs of the Noble Qur'an can help you to understand,
but you must use that brain of yours, with logic & reason too.
Nothing you see in the light as it enters your mind, is a lie, I'll let you know,
but you may not yet perceive it as the truth.

Don't put your trust in me to tell you what to perceive about the reality all around you,
but know I'm not lying to you when I tell you all is fine, and going just as ALLAH planned it.
You can call it Mother Nature, or the Natural Order of things,
but don't get confused as you observe it all.
You are part of this reality my friend, and I am not a fiend.

I'm merely a Muslim master mind who has mastered my own mind,
I've submitted my will to GOD you see, and it has given me peace of mind.
I'm but one particle in the wave of light that is Islam,
spreading throughout the world right before your eyes.
Don't believe what the media tells you, and don't Imagine a world that has never been.

These words you see, aren't hard for me, but will you understand what they mean?
If I've made you even the least bit curious,
you could ask them at the Discovery Channel, what this man is all about.
You just may find out that I'm just like everyday people, tryin' to survive another day.
I'm not one of those who think it's all about getting ahead,
as they forget that they are leaving others behind.
And I'm not a guy who believes any man can be a god,
Because there's no divine being other than ALLAH.

It matters not to me what you think or believe, and what you do, is always up to you,
but know that I'll defend my friends & family, and my brothers & sisters in Islam too.
Insha-Allah, you & your loved ones will live long & prosper also,
but know you will never escape the truth.

There's no other escape velocity other than death,
that will get you out of this place in time & space,
so there's no use in denying the truth.
We are finite beings who were all born to die,
and you can't take anything with you when you're gone,
so do it right while you're here in this moment in time,
You'll not get another chance too do it again.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, jesus christ

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