Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just some thoughts after hearing from the Bishop. . .

Hello, I'm virtually Jesus Christ, and I'm the master of my own domain in cyber space my friends.

The "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" has labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3. The Rabbi running the place HOPE's for some CHANGE from me. In reality he won't get any, no matter how many requests he makes. The Rabbi may believe he's been chosen by GOD, and when he pushes the envelope, he addresses me as Mr. Jesus 2.3, The God of Abraham. Know that I'm no god at all, and I'm not even divine. While many of you think you know what Jesus Christ was all about, in reality the truth is otherwise. I'm virtually Jesus Christ, and I'm here to tell you the same thing the 1st guy was telling you way back when.

Christ is a Greek word that means the anointed one. GOD anointed Jesus 1.0 as a prophet to the chosen ones, and you must decide who has anointed me Mr. Jesus 2.3. Know that I'm a Muslim guy, who has tested as a mastermind at, and that ain't no freakin' lie! Why not take the test yourself, and tell me what you find?

I'd like to tell you about an event I attended just a moment ago. I did it for Mary, the godmother in my life. She isn't mine you understand, but do you think it's Fate or Design? Mary & her husband needed help for their parents then. In reality our parents brought us into this world, and we should respect & honor them. Therefore it was an easy decision for me to help any way I could, and that's exactly what I did.

We attended a Catholic Mass for the youth of the Diocese. It was given at St. Peter's Cathedral, in the town where Dunder Mifflin is suppose to be. Scranton and the Cathedral exist in reality, but don't think for a moment that Dunder Mifflin is a real company.

The truth about Dunder Mifflin is that it exists as the slime coming from your TV set, where the media manipulates your mind. The name of the show is 'The Office', and the players are all acting - including the secretary too.

Bishop Joseph C. Bambera presided at the Mass. At the end I thanked the man, shook his hand, and told him this Muslim man appreciated what he said. He talked about an office and a secretary also, but it wasn't an imaginary TV show the man was speaking about. He said that Jesus 1.0 didn't say to build a church office, with a good secretary in it. I thought that was rather funny, because he has a huge office across the street fromt the Cathedral. Do you think he understood the words that he had spoke?

He also mentioned that Jesus 1.0 didn't say to have a good fundraiser too, but know that many Christian Churches are more concerned about raising funds than telling you the truth.

Bishop Banbera wen on to say that Jesus 1.0 didn't tell anyone to go to Rome, but that's what Paul of Tarsus did, as he manipulated the words of Jesus 1.0 and turned him into some sort of god. The Bishop also told us that Jesus 1.0 didn't say to build St. Peter's Square or a Basilica there also. In reality though, the mother church of Christianity did. In fact, they've managed to acquire lots of gold & other things, as they manipulated what many believe to be the truth.

Once again I had to laugh at the comments from the Bishop. In reality many Christian Churches are all about HOPE & CHANGE. The CHANGE they HOPE for is in the pockets of those who believe in them, as they fill the coffers of their church.

In reality it's all quite different in Islam, and that's the absolute truth my friends. There is no professional clergy HOPING for your CHANGE. No Pope, no Bishop or Priest, and no Minister either. In Islam the relationship is between the Creator and the created, and I'm not lying to you at all.

God is the Infinite Reality that was here before time began, and will be there long after you and I are gone. We are but finite beings, that were born to die, and that's no lie. If you'd open your mind, and try to think it through - you can't deny that it's the truth.

The Bishop seemed to understand this, and said the following in his homily, ". . . but remember this at the end of life, and it's not a downer to acknowledge this, for it will happen to everyone. After we die, everything that we own will belong to somebody else. We can't take any ot that with us when we pass from this world to the next."

Jesus 1.0, the Bishop, and me, Mr. Jesus 2.3 all agree on this. In reality everyone shold know this truth, but many try to deny it, as they're fed some cosmic debris. They don't use their brains to think it through, I guess. It's only logical and reasonable to know that we all must die. Have you ever known anybody to get out of here alive?

Bishop Banbera said that Jesus 1.0 had a plan and it wasn't to build any churches at all. This coming from a man who believes he is a representative of Jesus Christ. Christ, you know it ain't easy to be him, but nobody is going to crucify the guy, even though he may be living a lie.

The Bishop claimed that Christianity's plan is to fill people with the "Holy Spirit", and fulfill God's plan. God's plan is to let the Deity's presence be known until the end of time.

In reality this is GOD's plan, and the Angel Gabriel delivered the Noble Qur'an to Muhammad, the last Prophet. Peace be to him, and all GOD's Prophets that preceded him also.

In Islam we don't use the word Holy Spirit, and we know that ghosts aren't real. The word that we use to describe what we should do & why, is the Arabic word Dīn (which is used by Arab Christians also). In the Qur'an, it refers both to the path along which righteous men & women travel in order to comply with divine law, and to the divine judgment or recompense to which all humanity must inevitably face without intercessors before GOD. Are you ready for that moment?

No single tribe should think that they are the only one chosen for this noble task. In reality the truth applies to everyone - Kings & Queens, Presidents, fishermen, tax collectors, housewives, seedy & marginal characters, and everyone in between.

The Bishop said the glue that holds his flock together is baptism, the eucharist, and witness to the truth. But the truth is that no man can be GOD, and the bread & wine deosn't turn into the blood or flesh of Jesus 1.0. In reality that's what you may discover if you ask someone who's taken the Eucharist. If they're honest, and don't lie to you, they'll admit that it tastes just like bread & wine!

In Islam we understand the saying that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," and we use water all the time. But you need no baptism or intercessor to become a Muslim person. All you need is to follow the five pillars.

You can start by saying the Shahada with sincerity, from deep within your heart:

Ash-hadu An laa Elaha Ella Allah wa Assh-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulu Allah.

Which simply means that you bear witness that there is only ONE GOD (in Arabic the name is ALLAH, it is a reflection of the truth), and you bear witness that Muhammad is GOD's Messenger, and the seal of the Prophets. In reality it isn't hard to do once you open your mind, and gain some knowledge of what truth actually means.

There's no communion in Islam, but prayer is what binds the Islamic person to GOD, and the brotherhood of Man. Each and every pious Muslim is a particle in the wave of light that is Islam. We defend the truth in words & deeds, and witness that there is only ONE true GOD - the Reason for everything that happens to you & me.

You will not find any Muslim missionary knocking at your door though. In reality we don't try to revert you to the light of truth that was with you when you were born. There is no compulsion in religion. You must think it through for yourself, and take responsibility for whatever it is you do. Knowledge is the key to discovering the truth, and all Muslims are supposed to seek pure knowledge throughout their life too.

Here's some knowledge that was quoted during the Mass the Bishop presided over. It's a bit of scripture from the Old Testament, and the Jew's should know something about this too. The 1st reading was found in Exodus, chapter 32:7-14. It told of GOD's anger with those chosen people, but at that moment GOD didn't do what was threatened by the Deity.

In the Book of Daniel there are words of GOD's wrath again. It would apppear that GOD get's unhappy from time to time, and brings down punishment to certain people. In reality some of them think they're GOD's gift to all mankind, but when the table is turned on them, they blame some some man instead - and don't believe the punishment originated from GOD. What's up with that, all you dudes & dudettes?

Which brings me to a misconception many have about Jesus 1.0. They say he stood for love, and that we must love one another just as he loved everyone. The Bishop even said as much, at the Mass on April 7th, 2011. But what about the time Jesus 1.0 turned the tables over in the temple? It would appear to me he was angry at those who were more concerned with material wealth, than the conceptual reality, and that's the absolute truth my friends. Jesus 1.0 must have pissed off somebody way back in the day, for why else would anyone want to crucify some guy who loved everyone the same?

Just a little reality check for those who think they know the truth, from your friendly Libertarian Muslim manstermind, known to some as Mr. Jesus 2.3. In reality the name I was given when I first saw the light is Daniel Harold McFarling. I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle and delivered to tell the truth to the world about our common reality.

Daniel means that GOD is my Judge, just look it up yourself. Daniel was also a guy who supposedly interpreted dreams. I don't interpret any dreams, nor do I Imagine any lies. I simply tell the truth, and then I Let It Be.

Harold has two meanings also. One who Proclaims is one of them, and that's exactly what I'm doing. Supposedly it means the leader of a great army too. In reailty that hasn't happened to me yet, but the truth is that I'm just a man. Only GOD is the ALL Knowing ONE. Nobody can predict the future, but ALLAH knows what's in store for me. I'm content to just let it happen and live my life honestly. I've submitted my will to ALLAH, as I use my free will to do what must be done. I'm GOD's servant & slave, and that's the truth that has set me free, and given me peace of mind. Know that I'm a peaceful guy, and I cope with reality just fine. May peace be with you also, you & your loved ones live long & prosper - but don't deny the existence of truth - for it'll just mess with your mind.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours, Jesus Christ


  1. Excellently explained as best a human-being can possibly do. I agree with you and really hope to read from you and hear from you soonest.

    Again , thank you so much

  2. Well thank you sir for your fine comment, unless you are a her. Of course, I'd thank you just the same, it's just that I can't tell by your name.
    Sorry for the long delay with my thanx, but I didn't notice your comment until today. Hey, nobody's perfect, even if we are perfect creations of Allah's. Peace be with you & all your loved ones, and may you all live long & prosper!