Friday, April 1, 2011

Jesus Christ!!!You're the Fool, not me!

An April 1st video, posted before the day has ended.
In your mind do you think that the end of time is near?
In reality it matters not what you believe my friends,
I'm just your friendly smart ass know it all,
who in reality is virtually jesus christ.

The "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" send me mail as someone else.
What they put upon the envelope is Mr. Jesus 2.3, The God of Abraham.
The truth is that I'm not the God, nor am I even a Divine being.
I'm just 'Dan the man', doing what I can to tell you all the truth.
In Reality I'm your friendly Libertarian, Muslim, mastermind,
and I'm the light that you see in front of your eyes this moment.

I'm not joking with you, but I may be laughing at the fools,
If you are one of those who believe that GOD can be a man.
Don't you know that Paul messed up the message of Jesus 1.0?
In reality he was a Prophet, and the Messiah sent to the Jews.
Unfortunately many of them deny this simple truth.

Take responsibility for all you think, and everything you do.
If you follow that simple rule, the truth will set you free!
And the truth is that you will die before you even know it.
Know that the ALL Knowing ONE, knows everything though.
The Infinite Reality gave you life, and will take it eventually.
That's just the nature of this life, that we all must live.

You need very little friend to pursue your happiness.
Think of what that guy Sid did, before he became the Buddha.
The man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and had a family too.
He ran away from responsibility, just to find his personal Nirvana.
What he taught in the space & time that he lived was personal responsibility too.

Pain & Suffering in reality are just part of everybodies life,
but if you want to know pure joy, why not try submitting your will to GOD?
In reality that's what Islam means, and the truth is that it means peace also.
When you do it right my friend, you'll find your peace of mind!
If you fear the Muslims though, your mind just may be closed.
Open your heart & mind, and gain some true knowledge for a CHANGE.

I HOPE you know the media & politicians are just manipulating your mind.
You may try to deny this truth, but in reality you'd be a fool.
The slime you find coming from your tv set, is meant to make you buy!
You buy the crap they sell you, and much of what they tell you too.
Don't blame me for the mess you think the world is in at the moment.
The truth is that it's all going according to the master plan.

That Master is the Infinite Reality that created everything.
We are but finite beings, born to die, and that you can't deny.
All we have is time on our hands.
Do you know what to do with yours?
If you can't figure that out, maybe you should read something that you can be sure of.
The Surahs of the Noble Qur'an are in reality the true word of GOD.
They were delivered by an Angel named Gabriel, to GOD's final Prophet Muhammad.
Peace be with him, and all the other Prophets.

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, not an angel, but she is my mother,
and then I was delivered into this world to tell you all the truth about reality,
and how to go about coping with it all!
Just go with the flow, as they say in the TAO, and try to Let It Be.
Don't Imagine the lies that John Lennon sang in that silly little song.

George Harrison was searching for something to give him peace of mind also.
The man was enamored by the cosmik debris they teach you in the east,
when in reality he was brought up to believe that GOD is the creator of it all.
The Guru's managed to manipulate the man, and probably took some if his CHANGE.
I HOPE you know that all the Beatles have more than they really need!

C'est la vie, and then you die, and you can't take any of it with you.
I HOPE you know that will never CHANGE, so don't deny the truth.
In reality we have just one life to live.
Do you think that it's a game, or do you believe it's some sort of test?
In reality it's both of them, and if you play by the rules you'll find eternal bliss my friend.

With An Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, Jesus Christ!

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