Friday, June 24, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! This one is for the Crew, Know that i'm alive!

Here's the script for those of you who don't understand the spoken word. I HOPE you know a word or two may have CHANGEd, that's just the way it goes:

Jesus Christ!!! this is to the Crew, Know that I'm alive!
But do you think I'm here for you?

In reality, there's a reason I ask you that question. Will you know what the answer is?

It doesn't matter what you think or believe, I just want to tell you the truth.

My name is Daniel Harold McFarling, but in reality I'm Mr. Jesus 2.3 too.

The "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" has given me the label, and pushed the envelope with 'The GOD of Abraham', but the truth is that I'm just a man. It's funny when you think about it, because the Jews know no man as GOD, while the Christians believe that Jesus 1.0 was one.
Of course, I'm not a believer in the lie that a man can be divine. That's the sort of cosmic debris that gurus think is true, and Christians believe it too. In reality I'm a Muslim guy, who has tested as a mastermind. I've got my peace of mind, my friends, and I'm a peaceful dude also.

This dude abides, and is killing time, telling you all the truth. In reality it may mess with your mind, if you don't understand the words, but that wouldn't be my fault. I'm not the new messiah, and I'm no reincarnated being. It's just that I've gained enough knowledge, and recognized the signs, to know my reason for being here in this space & time.

I HOPE you know I can't CHANGE a thing, for it is all going according to a plan. If you understand it though, know that it is all coming together now. If you are confused by the words I use, you may need to open your mind to see the plan unfold. Take responsibility for all that you think, and everything you do, and you will know what true freedom is, and in reality it'll feel like Nirvana.

Thinking takes place within the mind, and your actions take up time. The Infinite Reality that transcends time and space is the Creator of the human race, the seen and unseen, and the All Knowing ONE also. man creates nothing from nothing, what we do is manipulate reality - both the physical & conceptual. One is the seen, the other unseen, and time is the common denominator, that GOD started with a bang!

Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness is a trinity you can't avoid. If you can see & hear me now, you are obviously alive. You have the liberty to do whatever you desire, but know you won't always get what you want - but in the end, you'll always get what you deserve.

If you want to pursue happiness, that's alright by me, but know you don't need much to do it, and you don't need to seek a profit. I HOPE you know it'll take some CHANGE though. There's nothing free in this life, and the truth is that nobody gets out of here alive. I HOPE you know you can't take your CHANGE with you either. That's just a reality you'll have to cope with.

Enough about you though. Do you think you're the only one here? In reaity there are billions of us, and we all want the same damn thing - simply to survive another day. If you think you're here to help each other out, I have no problem with that, but don't you know it's not the truth, unless everbyody believes in it - and in reality many don't!

Don't Imagine the lies in your mind are the way it's supposed to be, and cope with reality just the way you find it. This is the way to move forward into a new paradigm. You may think it's some sort of paradox, but the truth is that it's not. You've been fooled and manipulated into thinking something else, and now it's time to think outside the box. Don't blame me, and don't expect me to save you either. In reality you must do it for yourself, or it means nothing whatsoever.

The Golden Rule indeed is the key, but you must understand what it means. It has nothing to do with the other guy, the truth is that it's all about you. "Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto YOU".  You must think what you'd want others to do for you, before you do it to them first. Don't forget this crucial rule, you must let them do it too! If peace is what you're after, you've gotta' stop using force on others. Use logic & reason, and cooperate with those who agree with you. For the others, just agree to disagree, and walk away from them.

If I've shed some light on reality for you, know that I did it of my own free will, but all I do, I do for ALLAH, because I've submitted to GOD's Will. This has given me peace of mind, and I thank GOD for giving me life. I know that when I die, it'll be exactly when GOD wants it, and I'm prepared for that eventuality, when the moment comes. Peace be with all of you, and may you live long & prosper too, but know it does nobody any good when you deny that truth exists.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, Jesus Christ (version 2.3)

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