Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! The Challenge before you . . .

>. . . can be found in the light I provide,
about the reality that we all share,
and the truth that others dare not tell.

For those of you who claim to be fair & balanced, be you a Fox or just some man,
And those of you who lean forward also, have I got a new deal for you.
All you’ve gotta’ do, is to draw some blood, and it’s not yours I’m talkin’ about.
I’m virtually jesus Christ, and that’s no lie, but am I the Jew who's here to save the day?

I’ve been circumcised, baptized twice, & ordained a priest in these latter days,
But the truth is that I was an agnostic man for most of the time that I’ve been alive.
And then I took a test at, that claimed I’m some sort of mastermind.
From that time forward, I gained additional knowledge, and started to recognize the signs.

That’s when I did what any man would, when he discovers his reason for being,
I thanked ALLAH for blessing me all of my life, and recited the Shahada at just the right moment.
Now I’m a Muslim dude, who simply tries to abide, as I kill a little time,
but the “International Fellowship of Christians & Jews”, has labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3,
what do you think I should do?

They’re the ones who pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”,
and have been chasing profits of dollars & cents,
while some try to make sense of the Prophets of God,
they manipulate the reality around them.

It appears to me that many of you HOPE for a little CHANGE,
while you try to Imagine a world at peace.
But that’s no way to get what your mind desires,
as you pursue your happiness.

To tell you the truth, what it takes to be free, has nothing to do with me.
It takes responsibility, for all you think & everything you do, to find your peace of mind.
One takes place inside that space between your ears,
and your actions take place in both space & time, until your time here ends.

Now is the time for me to tell you exactly what my challenge is.
I'd like you to ask Geraldo, or maybe that lady Rachel Maddow,
About giving me a test of their own, on either of their shows.
I’ll answer all of their questions, with truth & honesty, whether or not they like it.

Love is an emotion that comes & goes,
And the truth can hurt sometimes,
But knowledge is the key to understanding me,
And the Nothing that Stephen is Hawking.

In reality there’s something I’d like to know also,
and this could be a win-win situation for me & you,
as we all come together for just this one moment.

There’s a blood test I know, that I could take on the show,
To determine if I’ve got Semitic blood,
It would answer the question about my some of my ancestors,
And whether or not they were Jewish.

Truth be told,
It don't matter to me,
but in reality,
will it matter to you?

I’ve been telling the truth all of my life,
Which sometimes aggravates the wife,
But this test would prove to all the world,
That this Jesus has been around and I'm here now.

Will I match the code, even though I'm no DaVinci myself?
Why does this matter to any of you, You may ask at this moment.
But it appears to me now, that now is the time,
that many HOPE he will return to CHANGE the world once again.

While a few of you believe he was some sort of god,
Most of the planet emphatically does not.
Some may empathise with you, but to tell you the truth,
We all know the story by now, and many of us just don’t buy it!

And there are those, who are in the know,
who believe he’ll come out of the sky,
on golden wings to unite all mankind,
but the truth is that I’ve already done it, & survived the fall every time.

For those who say God is Nothing at all, remember the Da Vinci Code,
It’s a book by a guy named Dan Brown, And a movie that many know.
But did you know there’s this gal who’s a Browne also?
I’m not talkin’ ‘bout Sylvia’s mother, but Sylvia the psychic author.

She’s got a book about secret societies,
And claims they’re all waiting for someone too.
A man who will tell the truth once again,
And in reality I’m that dude.

This brown man, and browne woman also
(who in reality happen to be white),
Make the same damn claim in a couple of books, That this man will have Gallic blood.
And I’m the guy who has the gaul to make the claim, That I’m virtually jesus Christ.
I’m the master of my own domain, but I’m also a slave of ALLAH’s.

So don’t have a cow, and I’m not mocking you now,
but it may just be true that God is playing a trick on you all,
If you can't see the light of truth I provide,
and the words I choose keep messin' with your mind.

I'm not the new Messiah, because I'm not here for the Jews,
and I wasn't born on Christmas Day,
but I've been baptized more than once.
The truth to the matter & in reality the fact,
is that I was born on the night before Halloween!

I do have a father, and that makes me a son,
who is also a father of two lovely daughters,
But know that I’m no ghost of any sort,
And that's something that you can be sure of my friends.

The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an
can help you to understand,
if you open your mind, get your head out of the sand,
and read between the lines.

There’s a lot about the man known as Jesus Christ,
Within the pages of the Noble Qur’an, including a chapter about his mother.
She’s known as Miriam within it’s pages, while Christians know her as Mary.
I’ve got a Mary in my life, and there’s a Marion also, but neither is the love of my life.

One is the Godmother, and the other my stepmother,
But do you know which one of the two?
In reality I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle,
And delivered to tell the truth to an unsuspecting world,
And that’s something you can be sure of also.

The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an were delivered by an angel,
Who goes by the name Gabriel, and that’s the truth once again!
When I was born I was given a trinity of names for me, myself, & i.
And Daniel Harold are the first two I was christened with way back when.

One means that God is My Judge, so don’t try judging me,
And the reason is plain to see, it’ll do you no good in the end.
I’m not the guy who interpreted dreams, but I can interpret a reality for you,
That may just give you some peace of mind and help you cope with reality also.

In reality Harold means one who proclaims,
and the leader of a great Army too,
that's the truth and I can prove it,
but you've got to discover it for yourself.

Let me make this crystal clear,
I’m no McArthur nor General McChrystal,
But I am a McFarling who went to West Point with a Patton,
& that's no lie once again my friends.

But then again I may resemble that guy Poe,
who put on a good show,
while he killed some time and made a point,
or was it his New York state of mind at the time?

I didn’t show up in formation nude,
but you can find me online in my birthday suit,
Where I give you a piece of my mind,
and a little food for thought also.

There's no patent on the truth and you don't have to be poor,
but it helps to focus the mind on what it takes to survive,
while the rich waste their time on trivial pursuits,
that will come to an end before they know it.

You see, I’ve got nothing to hide as I provide a little light,
for all mankind alive on the planet today.
We’re all in this together, regardless what anyone believes,
But we do belong to many collectives that go by many names.

Some are religions, and others are tribes,
and then there are nations & corporations also.
Don’t forget all the clubs, NGO’s, and gangs too.
In reality they're all the same, but have different reasons for being.

But to tell you the truth,
the community that matters most,
is that collective we call the family.
It's not a human race, we're just human beings.

I’ve got a loving wife, and two wonderful daughters,
who will remain nameless at this moment in time.
They’re all innocent in this affair of mine,
but are aware of what I’m doing, and I'll protect them with my life!

Will you find the time to do what I ask,
so everyone's questions can be answered,
and we can get on with our life,
of human beings just tryin' to let it be?

If you don’t want to see me having fun with Geraldo & the fox,
or lean toward that woman Rachel Maddow & giver her my peace,
You could do something else to Discover the truth,
and contact my cousin Lori who is a friend of Education also.

She’s a bigshot at the network where Stephen has been Hawking Nothing,
As the beginning of everything in this place, and everywhere else also.
To tell you the truth, I agree with the man,
but I use different words to describe it to you.

All is going according to the plan,
and there’s nothing you can do to CHANGE it,
because we don't all HOPE for the same damn thing,
but many will believe anything if it makes them happy.

Stephen is Hawking a place where time & space didn’t exist,
It's that nothing he has in his mind.
I simply proclaim, that what he describes within his mind,
many know by another Word, and it goes by many names.

Love is just an emotion, that often comes & goes,
and the truth can hurt sometimes.
But in my mind God is Reason,
and I thank Allah for blessing me all of my life.

For God is the Divine Reality that transcends both space & time,
and I'm just a smart ass know it all,
while ALLAH is the All Knowing ONE,
and the Creator that nothing can compare too.

We’re nothing but finite beings,
who create nothing at all,
what we do is manipulate reality,
both the physical & conceptual,
until our time here ends.

Many take liberty to get what they desire,
and some pursue their happiness, while others simply try to survive,
And they believe many things about the reason for it all,
& what’s gonna’ happen when it all ends.

When all is said & done, this journey don’t last forever,
it’s a test that you can’t do over again.
We all get exactly what we deserve,
regardless what you think or believe.

It's the universal truth that in reality never changes.

You can HOPE it won’t happen to you,
but that’s not gonna’ CHANGE the truth,
and I'm not here to save your butt . . .

. . . but for those who claim the time is ripe,
for a new paradigm, It won’t cost you a dime,
to contact the folks who will pay to put on a show.
If they know there’s a profit in it for them.

The reason is plain to see,
if you open your eyes to the light,
they don't HOPE for any CHANGE,
because they make all their profits off of you.

There’s nothing Fair & Balanced,
when they get all the CHANGE,
While you’re left holding the bag,
HOPING for some of your own!

And for those who want you to lean forward also,
Be careful or you’ll fall flat on your face.
That’s the way it goes, if you don’t know the truth,
While you Imagine a world at peace!

You’d be better off still if you find your peace of mind, Before you rest in peace.
And now is the time for me to rest my case, And close this epistle to you.
Peace be with those who are seeking the truth,
And may the rest of you, & your loved ones too, Live long & prosper also.

Just don’t forget this universal truth,
and I'd like to remind you once again,
That the truth will set you free,
And you can’t take anything with you when you’re gone!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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