Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! And the wise man Toulouse . . .

You’ve got nothing to lose, while you listen to my true story, But in reality it’s gonna’ kill some time.

I know this man who goes by the name Toulouse,
Who is one of the wisest men I’ve ever known.
And then there’s the seeker we’ll call the alpha man,
But that don’t make me the omega man.

The truth is that I’ve been labeled “Mr. Jesus 2.3”,
By some rabbi who HOPEd for some CHANGE from me,
And they’ve pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”.

While that silly Rabbi was tryin’ to play his tricks on me,
I was manipulating reality in sight & sounds,
Now I’m virtually jesus Christ my friends,
& all you fiends too, who is the master of my own domain.

Just so you know that don’t make me any sort of god,
And I’m not a guru feeding you cosmic debris either.
I’m just a guy who tries to abide,
as I go with the flow in both space & time,
and I provide you with some food for thought.

There once was a time when we met in the home,
of the wise man known as Toulouse,
who wanted to know what the truth is.
He had Hope by his side, the Alpha man was there too,
and another couple who will remain anonymous.

Of course I was there,
with the love of my life,
to tell them all what the truth is.

WWJD, you may be asking yourself,
but I’m not the one who knows the answer.
While it’s true I’m jesus Christ,
virtually speaking of course,
I’m not the Jay in that equation.

The truth is that she’s the one who wanted to join in all the fun,
Until all hell broke loose near the end of our time there.
That was the moment when I told them the truth,
 But they didn’t understand the words that I chose.

We all spoke the same language,
And had partook of the same produce,
But they were confused by the words that I used.

That’s when the wise man said what I needed to do,
Was to find the lowest common denominator,
Then go online to tell all mankind.

Now that’s what I’ve done, but it’s killed a lot of time,
And taken up some space in virtual reality also.
I’ve got a trinity of channels on Youtube my friends,
while my face is in the book in a couple of places,
And several blogs under different Nom de Plums.

I haven’t seen Toulouse since that fateful evening meeting,
But have been to the Alpha man’s space in a different place & time.
Recently I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with them both,
Virtually speaking, in reality, at the Asoka forum.

It’s run by a guy who has this place on the pillow,
And he knows the wise man with HOPE by his side.
Not to CHANGE the subject, but Ashoka was another man,
who came from the east & conquered many a land.

He killed many men & had many wives,
it’s been said he was a ruthless fellow,
But there came a time in his princely life,
when he became enamored by the Buddhist religion.

That’s when they say he gave up his old ways,
And became a wise man in his own right also.
But then again history is written by the victors my friends,
Who can manipulate the masses that follow,
And he had many victories before his time here ended.

That reminds me of another man in history my friends,
Who went by the name Muhammad,
whose residence was the middle east.

He was the final prophet of the God of Abraham, of that you can be sure of,
And the Surahs of the Noble Qur’an are the miracle given to the man,
That have inspired other men, delivered by the Angel Gabriel.
Peace be upon him, and all the prophets of God, including Jesus 1.0.

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle,
and delivered to tell you what the truth is.
I know my reason for being,
and thank ALLAH for blessing me all my life.

The man you know as Christ was never a god,
but he did know what the truth was also.
Knowledge is the key to understanding reality,
& the truth will set you free,
But it’s not about me, Mr. Jesus 2.3,
or even Jesus 1.0 either.

What it takes to be free, is responsibility, for all you think & do.
The one takes place within your mind,
and your actions take place in time,
but neither will last forever in this place in space & time,
regardless what anyone believes.

If you want to find your peace of mind,
before you rest in peace,
Take my advice for just this moment.

Yesterday is but a memory inside that head of yours,
and tomorrow a figment of your imagination also.
while the truth is right in front of your eyes at this very moment.

If the light that you see,
doesn’t compute with what you perceive,
It's what’s between your ears that may be the problem.

Take some time to reflect, or meditate a bit,
But as for me, I’ll say my prayers.
I’m just your friendly Muslim, Libertarian mastermind,
Who has his peace of mind.

I’ve mastered my mind,
and I’m quite the peaceful guy,
Who is here to reassure those who need it.

What I say may mess with the minds,
of those who believe they know the truth,
Or think there’s nothing to it at all.

I’m not here to save your butt,
But I can tell you a joke,
Just know that I’m a serious being also.

It can be a Zen thing,
if you want it to be,
But in reality I’m part of the plan,
That no man can ever CHANGE,
Regardless what they HOPE for.

But what of Toulouse who has HOPE by his side,
And will the Alpha man ever make the CHANGE?
In reality I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them yourself,
If they decide to be part of the show.

What’s this show you may ask?
I just want you to know,
It hasn’t made it to the boobtube yet,
But I’ve got this cousin who’s a bigshot at the cable network.

You could leave a comment at this link,
& request she put on the show,
if you’d like to Discover what it’s all about.

It’s time for me to go,
but God Willing,
you’ll know what I mean,
When I say . . .

. . . Peace be with those of you,
who are searching for the truth,
may you find what you’re lookin’ for.

And for the rest of you,
& your loved ones too,
may you Live long & prosper also.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,
jesus christ

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