Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! How to Discover the Truth, & Cope with Reality.

It takes just one to strive for Nirvana,
And two must agree on the truth,
But the reality that you see,
With your own two eyes,
Is what you perceive between your ears.

While it’s true that you are an individual,
In reality we’re both the same.
We are finite beings that were born to die,
With nothing but time on our hands.

If you HOPE for a little CHANGE in your life,
You’ve gotta’ do it for yourself,
And if you want to discover what’s going on,
The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an can help you to understand.
But in reality, you can’t CHANGE the truth my friends . . .

If you’re searching for a little peace of mind,
Or trying to imagine a world at peace,
Before you can make a Heaven on earth.
The time will come when you can’t do anything at all,
And that’s when you’ll get what you deserve.

If you chase your profits of dollars & cents,
In the hope for a little change,
You may find your personal Nirvana,
But at what expense to everyone else?

Look to the prophets to make sense,
Of the truth that sets a being free,
& Peace be with all,
who told the truth about reality.

Take responsibility for all you think & do,
And you’ll be sure to discover the truth.
One takes place within the mind,
And your actions take place in time.

Now is the time for all mankind,
While some believe we’re the Human Race,
In reality it’s no race at all.

All we are, are human beings, being all that we can be.
Some can’t just let it be, as they race to the finish line,
But if you take your time, and think it through,
You may just find your peace of mind,
Before you finally rest in peace.

Peace be with those of you who are searching for the truth,
And for the rest of you, and your loved ones too,
May you live long and prosper also.
But don’t forget that when it’s all said & done,
And remember still, this timeless truth,
That you can’t take anything with you when you’re gone.

So while you still have the time,
And you HOPE for a little CHANGE,
You’d better do it right now,
Because you never know when your time runs out,
and somebody else gets all that you have.

Come hell or high water, there’ll always be the rich,
And the poor among us also,
If you think the ratio is all out of wack,
What are you going to do?

In my mind there’s a reason for everything,
And it’s all happenin’ quite naturally.
You & me, and the birds & the bees,
Are part of the natural order.
There’s a pecking order within any society,
And a division of labor also.

Don’t get all hung up if you don’t like the government,
And don’t blame me for what’s happening at the moment either.
I’ve been voting Libertarian all my life, as I pursue my happiness.
I take responsibility for all that I’ve done, and everything I say,
While I thank ALLAH for giving me life.

I know my reason for being here, and I’m thankful I have a loving wife.
We don’t always agree on everything, but I love her with all of my heart.
WWJD, I sometimes ask myself, but in reality I often don’t have a clue.
“J” is the love of my life, that you see, & the mother of our two daughters also.
 I’m a father, who has no sons that I know of, & I’m virtually jesus Christ, online now!

I’ve been labeled Mr. Jesus 2.3 by the “International Fellowship of Christian & Jews”,
Who have pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”, and that ain’t no lie my friends.
I’m just a man, who knows what the truth is, doin’ the best that I can.

I’ve tested as a mastermind, and I’ve got my peace of mind,
As I give you a piece of mine.
I’m a Muslim & a Libertarian, just killin’ a little time,
Before my time here ends.

I’m not here to save your butt, But if you want to know the truth,
as we have a little fun, You could do me a tiny favor.

I’ve got this cousin who is a bigshot, you see, 
At the Discovery Channel on TV.
If you click on this link, try to be nice,
And then send them a request for the show.

I’ll interpret reality in front of your eyes,
as we all come together for a good time.
Isn’t it time for a little truth to be told,

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, 
And delivered to tell you the truth.
An American, and Frenchman also,
Whose first name means God is my Judge.
I’m not the guy who interpreted dreams,
But I can recognize the signs all around me,
And Harold means one who proclaims.

I’m here to proclaim that I’m not insane,
And can prove all the claims that I make!
If what I’ve said has messed with your mind,
Hey – don’t blame me, but it’ll all be okay,
If you contact the Discovery channel right away!

With an everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours, Jesus Christ

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