Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! Get over it already!

There’s this thing hangin’ over you, every moment, Of every single day.
What it is, is mortality, and your death, not too far away.
What to do until that moment comes your way,
Is the subject of this epistle.

Some may say I repeat myself, and that’s one thing I will not deny.
But when it comes to telling you what it’s all about,
There are a couple subjects that always seem to come to mind.
Why we're here, & what comes next, is what I always hear.

So here I am, providing the light, regardless what you believe.
In reality the truth you see, is staring you in the eyes,
But what you perceive, happens between your ears,
In that mind of yours.

When the both of them mirror one another,
You’ll find your peace of mind,
That’s the moment to reflect a bit,
& think it through one more time.

In reality the feeling you get,
Has been described as Nirvana by Buddha,
And it’s the freedom that comes from knowing what the truth is,
That Jesus 1.0 told you about.
Why did it all happen, & what should I do next?

I’ve been labeled Mr. Jesus 2.3, by the “International Fellowship of Christians & Jews”,
Who have pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”, & that’s no lie my friends.
I’m just a guy, who knows the truth, & I’m here to tell you once again,
If you HOPE for CHANGE, you’ve gotta’ get it yourself,
Before your time here ends.

I’ve been circumcised, baptized twice, & ordained a priest in these Latter Dayz,
But in reality for most of my life, I was an agnostic, certain of the Universal Truth.
We’re here just once, in this time & space, that surrounds our perception of reality.
There’s the physical & conceptual, the seen & unseen also.
If you take the time to think it through, you should know just what I mean.

Life & death are concepts both, without the passage of time.
But as time goes by, you notice the moments, that add up to make a life.
When you’re gone, will anyone notice, and in the end, does it really matter?
If you want to know the truth my friend, you’ll have to do it for yourself.

I’m virtually jesus Christ you see,
and I know my reason for being,
Regardless what you believe.

Epistemology is the study of knowledge, and where the hell it came from.
In reality, what we know, comes in leaps & bounds,
But the truth you see, in reality, is that nothing ever changes,
Regardless what you hope for.

We are finite beings born to die, and that ain’t no lie my friends.
What you do in between those moments, in reality is up to you.
C’est la Vie, or Joie de Vivre, the choice is yours to make,
But in reality I didn’t choose the names they gave me at birth.

Daniel is the first one, which means God is my Judge, so don’t bother judging me.
He was a guy in the old testament, who interpreted dreams.
While I’m just a dude, who tries to abide, as I interpret reality for all to see.
Which leads to my middle name, & the one they gave me was indeed Harold.
This one means one who proclaims, and a leader of a great army.

I’m here to proclaim in reality, what the truth is, of that you can be sure of,
and the Surahs of the Noble Qur’an can help you to understand what’s going on.
It’s the text that was delivered here, by the angel Gabriel, to the final Prophet, known as Muhammad.
Peace be upon that man, and all who know the truth.

I’m the guy who was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, And delivered to tell you the truth.
I know my reason for being here, & thank Allah for giving me life.
That’s the Deity known as God, to billions all around the world.
Most of them are Muslims too, but in reality some of them are not.

Some of you are honest with yourself, & understand the meaning of the Word.
This entity known as the Deity, that goes by many names all around the world,
Is the Divine Reality that transcends both space & time,
The Creator of the seen & unseen, that Nothing can compare too.

Stephen is Hawking Nothing as the reason for the beginning of it all,
And then the guy has got the balls to have a reason for everything else before the next moment arrives.
Stephen describes a place in his mind where time & space just doesn’t exist,
But in reality that’s eternity, it’s the place where God resides.

In my mind God is Reason, if you want to know the truth,
But you can believe in anything, it makes no difference to me.
I’m not here to save your butt, but to tell you what the truth is.
You’re a being, just like me, but in reality we’re actually quite different.

While both of us were born to die,
with nothing but time on our hands.
The place in both time & space where we spend it all,
means everything in the world.

It takes the actions of both men & women to make a heaven on earth,
But in reality it’s the spark of God’s will, that gives you the life you have,
And you’ll submit to the will of God, when it’s all said & done,

If you want to have your peace of mind, before you finally rest in peace,
You must take responsibility, for all you think & everything that you do.
One takes place within the mind, & your actions take place in time.

What to do with this gift of time, a present for the moment?
It’s up to you in reality, if you want to know the truth.
As you pursue your happiness, with the life that you have left,
Take the liberty to gain some knowledge, but think it through for yourself.

You are an individual, of that I can’t deny, but in reality we’re not alone,
And we’re all in this thing together, whether you like it, or not.
When you really think it through, & recognize the signs,
It will all come together in your mind, as it unfolds right before your eyes.

Everything in space & time happens for a reason,
And it’s evolving at this very moment, progressing, until the very end.
If you think it’s nothing, that’s your right to believe my friend,
But in reality it won’t change the truth, regardless what you hope for.

You can chase your worldly desires in this space & time,
Or Imagine a world that’s never been,
Just because everybody else does.

Peace be with those of you, who are seeking what the truth is,
And may the rest of you, and your loved ones too,

Just don’t forget when it’s said & done,
Nobody gets out of here alive,
And remember this, while you’re still alive,

With an Everlasting Love,
My friends, and all you fiends out there too,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,

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