Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! This K.I.S.S. is for you!

Keeping It Simple, Stupid,
Is what I'll try and do.
There are those of you,
Who deny the truth,
And others who are manipulated by the lies.
I'm not here to screw with you,
But what I say may mess with your mind.
I'm virtually jesus Christ you see,
And I know my reason for being.
I'm the dude who's tellin' the truth,
In this place, in space & time.

The truth that sets a being free,
Isn't about believing in someone like me,
Or thinking that the Change you Hope for,
Will come from someone else.
In reality it takes responsibility,
For all you think & do.
Nobody can do it for you,
If you want to know the truth.

Freedom isn't free, regardless what you believe,
It takes hard work, to do it right, if you think it through.
It's all about the golden rule, if you want to know the truth.
"Do unto others, as you'd have them do unto you,"
Has nothing to do with anyone else, in reality it's all about you,
But don't forget you're not alone, and we're all in this together.

Before you do unto another being,

you should reflect on what you want,
If you don't desire for it to be done to you,
it probably doesn't need doing.
Unless of course you're defending your life,
Or that of your wife and family.

If you want to cope with this reality,
You can't Imagine what's not there.
Accept the truth for what it is,
And get with the program, fool.

There's a reason why we're all here,
Regardless what you believe.
If you think it through my friend,
You may begin to understand just what it is,
But if you can't see the light that is right in front of your eyes,
There may be nothing you can do with that space between your ears.
You just may be one of those who will never get what it's all about.
I HOPE you know it's not my fault, and the CHANGE must come from within.

I'm just the guy who's tellin' you, what in reality the truth actually is.
We are finite beings born to die, and that's no lie at all.
You must accept this one reality, if you want to know the truth.
But you must take responsibility for what you think & do,
And all you believe belongs to you, that can't be taken away.
Remember this, and don't forget, you can't take it with you, when all is said & done.
Don't ask me what happens to you then, I'm not the God you know.

Although I'm virtually jesus Christ, I'm not a Christian Dude.
I just happen to be a Muslim man, who has mastered his mind.
In my mind God is Reason, the Reason for everything, 
there's nothing to compare to the Divine Reality,
regardless what you think.

The Infinite Reality that transcends both time & space,
The Creator of everything,
the seen & unseen too.

You may think that there's nothing to this thing that many know as GOD,
But in reality it's the concept you deny, and the truth that you can't see.
You must open your mind to discover the plan,
That's been progressing all these years,
or you can put your head in the sand,
and continue as you have,
but will you miss what happens next?

In reality that's for you to decide, 
C'est la Vie, or Joie de Vivre, the choice is always yours,
And the simple truth is that I cannot do it for you.
I'm not here to save your butt,
But I'm here to tell you the truth,
Whether you like it, or not.

With an Everlasting Love my friends, 
and all you fiends out there too,
Now, & Forever Always, virtually yours, jesus Christ.

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