Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! Who ya' gonna' believe?

There are those who believe, without thinking it through,
And those who think there’s nothing to it at all,
But those who know the truth, have set themselves free,
And cope with reality, quite naturally.

I’m not talking about those who believe God was a man,
Or those who think there’s no God at all,
But those who take responsibility for their conceptual reality,
And what they do with their time, before it’s all gone.

I’m virtually jesus Christ, and I’m here once again,
Killing a little time, as I tell you what the truth is.
It’s not about believing in me, if you want to be free,
and some guy Promising you HOPE & CHANGE, won't get you there either.
What they do is manipulate you, in their endless desire for power.

The CHANGE that you HOPE for must come from within,
and in the end we all get what we deserve.
You may not think it fair, but that's the way it's always been,
whether you like it, or not.

Whether you want to follow your profits of dollars & cents,
Or you follow some Guru feeding you cosmic debris,
In reality everybody’s following God’s natural plan,
as it unfolds in time & space.

You may know IT by another name, this thing we call the deity,
But I know GOD as ALLAH.
the Divine Reality, that transcends both space & time,
The Creator of the seen and unseen, both everything & nothing at all,
including you & me.
You may believe something else, or think there’s no GOD whatsoever,
But know that don’t CHANGE the truth, regardless what you may HOPE for.
Once again my friends, and all you fiends too, this is what I mean:
The truth that sets a being free is responsibility,
Take responsibility for all you think, and everything you do,
And in reality you’ll find your peace of mind,
and just may reach your personal Nirvana.

But those who are in the know, know the truth is a present from ALLAH,
And thank GOD for everything in their life.
At  this present moment in both time & space,
I’m the guy who’s tellin’ the truth, regardless what you believe.

 I’ve been circumcised, baptized twice, and ordained a priest in these latter days.
While The International fellowship of Christians & Jews has labeled me Mr. jesus 2.3,
they’ve also pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”.
In reality I’m just a man, who knows my reason for being.
I'm not divine nor some sort of god,
and you are neither, either.

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, and delivered to tell the truth,
of this you can be sure of.
The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an were delivered by the Angel Gabriel,
and contain the true words of GOD. 

My given name at birth was Daniel Harold McFarling, and this is what it means.
Daniel was a Prophet who interpreted dreams, and I’m the dude who interprets reality.
The word means that “God is My Judge”,
so don’t bother judging me,
It won’t do you any good,
so think before you speak.

Harold is a word that means one who Proclaims,
and I’m here to proclaim the truth to mankind once again,
regardless what you think or believe.

I’m just your friendly,
who has mastered his mind,
has his peace of mind,
and I’m really a peaceful dude.

I don’t believe in using force,
but know that Justice must prevail,
and know that it always will,
even if it takes time.

I will defend my friends & family,
and all my brothers & sisters in Islam too.
For I’m merely one particle in the wave of light that is Islam,
and the peace that comes from submitting to God’s Will.
May you jump on the peace train someday, Insha-Allah.

Peace be with those of you who know what that truth is,
And may the rest of you live long & prosper too.
Just remember the journey don’t last forever & this life is but a test.
Never forget that you can’t take anything with you,
when your place in this time & space,
finally comes to an end.

With an Everlasting love,
Now & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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