Friday, September 16, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! What’s it All About?

Before you can make your heaven on earth.
You’ve gotta’ think it through first.
It’s not about me, and it’s not about you, it’s actually all about the light.
What that means is anyone’s guess, but then again, I know what the absolute truth is.
And I’m here to tell you about it once again, ready or not.
Don’t worry about the name, or where I came from, just know that I’m not lyin’ to you.
’ve got the documented proof, from all the usual sources,
but you’ve gotta’ figure it out, for yourself.
I’m not here to save you, or take the blame for whatever it is you do,
regardless what you believe.
he truth that will set you free, isn’t believing in HOPE & CHANGE,
or a man that promises it to you.

What it takes is responsibility for what you think & do,
and if you get it right, you’ll find your personal Nirvana,
but in reality the truth is a gift from ALLAH,
and I’m simply a Muslim mastermind, who has his peace of mind – of that you can be sure of.
The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an can help you to understand the truth,
and shed some light on what’s happenin’ now.
I’m just a peaceful dude who’s tryin’ to abide, while I let nature take its course.
I merely go with the flow, as I try to survive, to live another day.
I’ve perpetuated the species, & taught them what they need to know.
Now Virtual Fate & Design are on their own.
Mary is the godmother of one, and a Jean the godmother of the other.
As God is my Judge, I’m virtually Jesus Christ,
here to proclaim the truth to the army of believers, and those who in reality seek peace.

I HOPE you’ll understand, that the truth I’m about to tell you,
should be something we can all agree on,
but some will still deny that I even exist in this place, in both space & time,
shedding a little light on the truth for all mankind (which includes women & children too).
There’s a reason why we’re here, all you dudes & dudettes,
but there’s no reason to argue about what that is.
I know that ALLAH is the reason for all of the seasons, and everything else in reality too.
That includes both the physical & conceptual, if you know what I mean;
or are you confused by the words that I use?
One is that which can be seen, heard, or touched, and the other you simply can’t.
Do you understand what I’m tryin’ to tell you now?
There’s this Guy Stephen Hawking “nothing” at all, as the reason for everything.
He explains it as a place where space & time never existed, but then again, has he ever been there?
He claims "Nothing" caused everything to exist as we know it, and that which we don’t know yet.
After that moment, Stephen has a theory for everything;
for what reason – God only knows, but I suppose it keeps him out of trouble,
as he imagines all sorts of things out of nothing.
The man can manipulate words as he describes the reality, that there’s a reason for everything,
except when he gets to the beginning, and that’s when all he can think of is "Nothing".
All you really need to know is that it's where the light comes from, and all reality in existence.
It wasn’t created by me, you, or even Stephen, that is simply not what a man can do.
Can we at least agree on this?
In Stephens mind it’s all for "Nothing", as he tries to create something from what’s in his head.
It doesn’t actually matter what the man thinks, because in reality the truth will prevail, 
that in the end, we all submit to God’s Will.
This place Stephen is Hawking that he calls "Nothing",
sounds mysteriously like eternity,
the place where the Divine Reality resides.
That’d be the Deity that goes by many names, but the truth is that it’s ALLAH, everyone.
A Semitic word for the ONE Supreme GOD, the same Deity the Jews call YHWY.
And the God that Jesus 1.0 prayed too, but in reality he was never a Christian.
The truth is that it’s not all in your head, this reality you perceive,
for it is the light that makes it all possible,
and I am merely a particle in the wave that is Islam.
I was born into the light, circumcised & baptized, and even ordained a priest in these Latter Dayz.
I’m here to tell you that I’ve been lots of things in this life, but the truth is that I’ve never been a god.
I’m just a man who is part of the plan.
Whether you believe it or not, makes no difference to me,
and I HOPE you understand it don’t CHANGE the truth either.
For ALLAH is the Infinite Reality that transcends both space & time,
the Creator of the seen & unseen too.
We are merely finite beings born to die in this place in space & time,
regardless what you think or believe.
It’s all about understanding what the word means.
The truth is that we are beings that create nothing at all,
as we manipulate both the physical & conceptual.

Why don’t you stop imagining a world that never was my friend,
or are you a fiend that dreams about one that will never be,
while you waste your time with meaningless pastimes,
HOPING for CHANGE that will never come.
Not that I care what you do with your time, for in reality you won’t last forever,
and you can’t take anything with you after all is said and done – so get over it already.

Accept reality for what it truly is, and then get on with whatever it is you’re doin’,
just don’t forget what the golden rule is all about.
It’s not about me, but it is about you, and this is what I mean.
“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”,
is the way it’s usually stated, but you may know it by some other words.

The truth is that the words don’t matter,
what counts is that in reality,
you understand the concept.
Before you can do unto others, you must try to think it through for yourself,
and decide how you want to be treated in the first place,
just remember not everybody comes in first though,
If you’re tryin’ to get ahead, know that you must leave something behind,
and that should be inherently obvious (regardless what you’ve inherited).
You keep on livin’ any way that you want,
while the rest of us continue tryin’ to survive the best way we can,
and thank GOD for giving us life.
If you want peace on earth, you can’t force others to do what you want,
and harmony is a cooperative effort.  
That’s what you’re parents did at the moment you were conceived,
but there’s always been a division of labor,
even before the moment your momma’ was in labor with you.
She nurtured you in the womb, but didn't do it all by herself, no matter what you may believe.
Daddy provided the sperm, and it was the spark of GOD’s will that willed you into existence.
even if you don’t think that you do.
You can say that ALLAH don’t exist also, but in reality it won’t CHANGE the truth,

regardless what you HOPE for.
I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle,
and delivered to tell you the truth about our common reality – of that you can be sure of.
The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an were delivered by an angel, whose name happens to be Gabriel.
The man who received these words of GOD, in reality was Muhammad, the seal of the Prophets.
Peace be upon him, and all of God’s prophets, but also the messengers of truth.
Now, you might call it luck, coincidence, or even synchronicity,
but in my mind there’s a reason for everything, and in reality it’s the will of GOD.
Before you complain, and disagree with the truth,
Can you tell me what’s the difference between any of those words,
and in reality what makes them all the same?

There’s a reason you may be confused by it all, and it has something to do with knowledge.
To understand what it all means, you’ve got to open your heart & mind,
but try to look at it objectively, knowing that we are all a part of nature.
While emotions are quite natural,
it’s not wise to let them run wild, if you’re searching for inner peace.
If you want to know the truth, you’ve gotta’ control your animal desires,
or in reality they may control you.
That’s just the nature of the beast, friends & fiends alike,

and all my brothers & sisters in Islam too.
While it’s true we all get what we need, many want what they can’t have,
And still others horde more than you believe they deserve.
When in reality that’s exactly what we get,
And we will get what’s comin’ to us in the end,
that’s just the way it’s gonna' be.
All is going according to the plan, quite naturally,
even though it all appeared quite miraculously.
Will it unfold within your mind, come together before your eyes,
or does it mess with your mind altogether? In reality that’s for you to decide.
I’m merely the guy who’s tellin’ you the truth, whether you believe it, or not.

If you don’t understand what I’m sayin, I’ll try and use some different words,
But realize the truth never really CHANGES, regardless what you HOPE for.
We merely manipulate reality, both the physical & conceptual.
One you can see hear & touch, and the other you can’t.
That’s the nature of reality, And exactly as ALLAH created it.

WOW, what a coincidence wouldn’t you say, how science confirms the truth,
When you know how to read between the lines.
Now, there’s another way to look at it, and it’s quite logical too, and in reality it’s also the truth.
We are beings that have mass, and energy also, until the last day comes.
This is the truth that you can’t deny – whether you like it, or not.

Don’t ask me why this is so, I’m not the All Knowing ONE.
I’m merely the guy who’s tellin’ you the truth, virtually Jesus Christ, And That’s no lie at all.
do you have the brains to figure it out or will you cop out.

This inquiring mind would like to know?
I’m the master of my own domain, and that’s no lie either.
While the Big Dad may be gone for some of you I know,
in reality he doesn’t make it go.
The “International Fellowship of Christians & Jews” has labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3,
and I don’t deny that reality either.
The truth is that they pushed the envelope with the God of Abraham,
while I’m only a representative of God.
I’m no prophet, I’ll let you know, simply because Muhammad was the last one.
Peace be with him, and all of God’s prophets, and those who don’t live to profit off of others.
What I say may be messin’ with your head, but it’s no lie once again, regardless what you believe.
The Rabbi must have thought I was a kid, that he could play some sort of trick on,
As He HOPEd to receive some CHANGE from me, but the truth is that he never did.
Tricks are for kids and I’m actually not one, but I am the son of a man,
and in reality, I’m tellin’ the truth to all mankind.
I’m virtually Jesus Christ, and Muhammad was a prophet, leader,
& great man that many trusted with their life.
In reality many use him as an example to live by,
because he was simply a kind & compassionate man,
who understood what true justice is.
Peace be upon all the prophets and messengers of GOD,
that graced this planet we all live on.
In reality we’re all in this together, regardless what you believe in, or even what you think.
This is the truth that has always existed, and in reality you’d better get used to it,
If you want to find your peace of mind.
Unless of course, that’s not the happiness you’re pursuing. Who am I to tell you what to do.
Just don’t lie, cheat or still, and respect the rights of others, and we may be able get along fine.
While we are both reflections of each other,
in reality, the truth is that we’re not the same person at all.
Do you understand what I’m tryin’ to tell you?
I can’t read your mind, and you can’t see into mine, so don’t assume what you don’t know.
Our abilities are different, so get over the fact, that we’re not all absolutely equal.
Besides our abilities we come in different shapes & sizes, and don’t forget the colors too.
It may be hard to believe that we all came from the same damn place,
even though we can’t agree when & where it happened to be.

Regardless of whether you’re a Creationist, or even an Evolutionist,
the truth is that we all have a common origin,
Even though we can’t agree when or where that was, in both space & time.
What you perceive is relative to when & where you’ve lived,
and the sights & sounds that enter your mind, mixed with what you feel also.
Just remember the truth is that we are still all brothers & sisters in reality.
This is something true Islam teaches,
and it's all based on common sense,
while modern science confirms the reason why it works,
regardless what you believe in.
I’m not going to explain the reason for everything just to satisfy your curiosity though.
I’ve got my life, and a loving wife, and I’ve gotta’ work for a living you know.
I thank ALLAH for all that I have, and praise GOD for everything that I’ve been given.
You can do whatever you choose to pursue your happiness, but in reality it’s not as simple as that.
You must concern yourself with justice, simply because it’s just us,
who in reality must control ourselves – of this you can be sure of.
The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an attest to the truth, and in reality explains the plan,
While the Sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad can help you to lead a better life.
Just remember, this life is a test for one and all, believer & un-believer alike.
Nothing you HOPE for Will CHANGE the future, and we all get what’s comin’ to us in the end.
Peace be with each and every one of you,
and may you & your loved ones live long & prosper too.
but there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget in this life,
and it’s that you can’t take anything with you when you’re gone.
This life is but a test, and you won’t pass this way again, so make the best of your journey forever,
regardless what you think or believe in.
I’m not feeding you cosmic debris, and I’m no feel good guru either,
what I am is the dude tellin’ you the truth, whether you like it, or not!
The truth can sometimes hurt,
and in reality jihad occurs within the heart & mind,
before the transformation can be completed.
La hawla wala quwata illa billah.
With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours, Jesus Christ

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