Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Truth about Freedom. . .

I've now got a new youtube channel, that makes a trinity of me.
In reality I'm just one being, and it has nothing to do with divinity.
I'm a father & a son, but I'm not any sort of ghost.
I HOPE you understand that truth, and know that you can't CHANGE reality at all.

This little video is called "The Truth about Freedom".
Many years ago I had an article published in the Philadelphia Inquirer,
and it had to do with Freedom & Responsibility.
In reality you can't have one without the other, and that's the absolute truth.

Take responsibility for all that you think, and everything you do,
and you just may find your peace of mind and the Truth that sets you Free!
Know that it isn't that hard, but you must first be honest with yourself.
Once you've done that my friends, you just may be ready for the Peace Train!

Don't Imagine things that just aren't real, and try to Let It Be!
You just may see the perfect world that GOD has created for you & me.
If you think the world isn't perfect, know that it's all in your mind.
I don't mind what you think or believe, but know that TRUTH is REAL.

Those that deny the reality that they see in front of their eyes,
May never understand what true freedom is, but in reality it's their own fault.
Many seek to find someone to blame for the problems in the world,
But know the problems in reality begin in your mind.

If you realize that you've got just one life to live,
You may decide not to waste your time on being miserable,
And instead try to be agreeable, but never tell a lie.
Know that you can actually live your life, and tell the truth at the same time.

Now, you may wonder what this has to do with freedom anyway,
The truth is that you are already free to do whatever you damn well please,
Nobody is going to stop you if you live by the honor code.
Don't Lie, Cheat, or Steal my friend, but do whatever else you want.

Know that what you need is very little, if in reality you want to survive.
Food for your belly, and food for your mind, and some shelter is all you need.
If you desire more than that, know that it is all in your mind.
I HOPE you know that's the absolute truth, and in reality it will never CHANGE.

The media, and your politicians manipulate you all the time.
They get whatever they want and desire, while you're left giving them your CHANGE.
I HOPE you know this won't CHANGE, unless you put your mind to it.
Think it through and you may find I'm telling you the truth.

Now that you've got something to think about, I'll close this post for you.
I HOPE you find what you're searching for, and get your peace of mind.
Know that I've already got mine, and in reality I'm a peaceful guy.
Peace be with you now my friends, but know that we all must die some day.

Noone knows where you will go, because none of us is the Judge.
In reality that would be ALLAH, the ALL Knowing ONE.
I'm just your friendly Muslim Master Mind, who votes Libertarian all the time.
You can't blame me for the mess you think the world is in.

I'm not any sort of messiah, nor am I superman come to save the day.
In reality I'm Dan the man, but the truth is that I'm Mr. Jesus 2.3.
I am the master of my own domain I'll let you know.
I'm virtually jesus christ in cyber space, and I'm no liar either!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
Virtually yours, Jesus Christ

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