Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! Timothy Leary's DEAD!

And Dennis Leary is a comedian.
One guy pushed drugs, and the other the envelope,
with some of his caustic opinions.

You may be leary of the things I say,
but that's why I provide documents as proof!
Mind you I didn't write any books,
but what kind of proof is that?
It's just some BS another man wrote,
and it doesn't matter what degree you have!

While you were manipulated words to get what you want, and feed your ego,
I was living my life with my wife, and raising a family too.
She's the Love in my Life,
and whatever you call the Deity is my Reason for being,
it's the reason you're here too!
I've got 2 daughters who I call fate & design,
and I've got good reason too!
you see the 1st one was conceived before we made the promise,
and the 2nd was a consious decision!
I got myself snipped from within, and that stopped the process.

when I was just a baby, they snipped my skin, but I didn't make that choice,
same thing when I was originally dipped into the water, again that wasn't my choice,
but I did it again when I was a teenager, and of course the choice was mine,
hell, I liked that gang so well, I even let myself get ordained!
Does that mean I'm still a priest, even though I've recited the Shahada?
I'll let you decide for yourself, for in reality it doesn't matter to me.
I'm just telling you the truth!

So, while you were living your life, I was living mine,
I may not have wrote any books, but Love & I have made many calendars,
they help Love to remember the past, because Love forgets the details.
Especially when she's angry!

Here is the latest in a series, it sums up our travels around the world.
On the cover you see LOVE & me, in reality we truly exist.
I'm Mr. Jesus 2.3, and have the documents to prove it.
I didn't make them up by my self,
like you did when you wrote your books.

In 12 simple pages it tells of a life shared with someone else.
It's not always easy to do such a thing, but I made a promise way back when.
I won't bother you with all the pics, but suffice it to say we got around.
We didn't always stay in the best hotels, but we always managed to have fun.

And now I'll change gears, and talk about the unknown,
because in reality you need to know the truth.
Nobody can know everything, but I'm a smart ass know it all!
What I know could fill a book, but I haven't written it yet.
what you know is in your head, and you can't know what's in mine!
Can you understand the truth of those words, or is your mind filled with shit?
It very well may be if you believe that nobody can know the truth!

let me just say I know a trinity that did, but all of them are dead at the moment.
I'm talking about Sid the guy many call Buddha, Jesus 1.0, and Mohammad,
peace be upon those peaceful beings, and peace be with you also.

All they were trying to do you fool, is give you peace of mind!
I've got a peaceful easy feeling, and all my actions are peaceful,
If I get you mad, I've done it on purpose, it's suppose to help you think.

What do you think art is meant to do? make money for the artist?
In reality the best had to starve first, before they aroused emotions.
To tell you the truth that's all I'm doin' and I do it because I can.

you see, I know what the truth is and it's set me free,
in reality it feels like Nirvana.
and now to the dictionary so you can see, I don't make this shit up.
I know how to read, understand, and follow directions, do you believe anything anything at all?

First I want to start with freedom, because it's what America is suppose to be about. And here is what you will find!
{click the link}
the next word on the list is truth,
and here this is what it is:
{click the link}
and then the final word in this trinity,
is the word reality:
{click the link}

Did you understand any of that, or are you still confused?
Words do mean something you see, unless you make up the meanings as you go along!
I don't make any shit up, I simply manipulate words to have fun.
Sorry if that gets you upset, but in reality you are not me.
I'm happy as shit when I do it,
and to tell you the truth,
I never hurt you.
You've hurt yourself with the nonsense that you believe, and then you think it's my fault.
Personally I don't even know you, you fool. so why should I even care?

If you cared about the world you see,
you wouldn't do the silly things that you do!
Oh well, c'est la vie, and then you die.
in reality it's unavoidable.
What happens next is anybodys guess,
To tell you the truth, it's the great unknown!
I never worried myself with what I didn't know,
and if you don't watch TV you won't know many things, and most of it is lies!

The stuff that's made of facts isn't even the truth,
because the power that be put them together with their own agenda.
I HOPE you know I don't have one of my own, and you can't CHANGE that.

All of you who like your statistics, here is some for you:
there's about 2.5 billion of you who believe some guy can be GOD,
but there's many more who know it's a lie,
who do you think is getting fooled?

and then we look at those who believe nothing,
those who call themselves atheist.
In reality they almost don't even exist,
so I'll just ignore those fools.

There's a sizeable number of honest folk,
who know they can't know it all.
Those are the agnostics in the world,
I was one for many years.

In reality there's a group that is even less significant,
but they think they've been chosen.
Look at the chart and you will see that the jews amount to nothing!
I'm not making this shit up, it's the light on the screen.
They're like a street gang you see,
they manage to project more power than their numbers amount too.
I wonder why that is?
They've been chosen, and we all know that,
but they're still around.
I'm not Hitler, and I'm not GOD,
one is dead and the other isn't.
who's fault is it when you die?
or even if you get fried?

Don't blame me, and don't call me,
some sort of anti-semitic.
I've got lots of semitic friends,
and most of them are Muslims.
but a few are indeed Jews!
Get over yourself already,
and join the human race.

You aren't anyone special,
and I'm just an insignificant nothing,
when compared to the Infinte Reality!

I didn't choose this truth tha I tell,
in reality it just popped into my head.
now I'm compelled to get it out,
just like that trinity of fella's.
Buddha, jesus 1.o, and Mohammad also.
Peace be upon all three of them,
and peace be with you also!

With an everlasting Love,
Now, & forever Always,
virtually yours, jesus christ!

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