Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jesus Christ!!! It's just a freakin' name!

This is a bit shorter than the last few ones were.
Does that make you happy or sad?
In reality I don't care.
I do what makes me happy,
and I do it peacefully.
If you can't figure it out,
I might as well apologize now.

A conversation is a transaction between two people,
where we barter our words!
The seller is the teller,
as the buyer listens along,
if they can't agree on what they share,
they'll never get along!
Sorry if you don't like what I'm selling,
but in reality you don't have to buy it.
I'm only giving you the gift of truth,
what you do with it, is up to you!

The names that we use to call each other,
were originally given to us by our father & Mother.
My mother's name is Gabrielle, and I was nurtured in her womb.
I didn't want to come out at the time, so the doctors had to pull!
I was delivered, and now I'm here, tellin you all the truth.
The Nobel Qur'an was delivered by an Angel, whose name was Gabriel.

Do you think it's a coincidence or God's Will,
That the true word of GOD was delivered by the Angel Gabriel,
and jesus christ was delivered from the womb of Gabrielle?
virtually speaking of course!

To tell you the truth, my name is Daniel Harold,
and both those words mean something!
Daniel was a Prophet of the old testament,
who interpretted dreams.
I don't interpret your dreams though,
I'm tryin' to pull you out of it!

It really doesn't matter if I succeed,
I'm havin' fun anyway.
That may be my reward in this life,
I don't know where I'll end up when I'm dead!

You see, I'm not the Judge by any stretch
of your imagination, or your dreams.
GOD is my only Judge,
and that's another meaning for Daniel.

And then we go to Harold,
who led a great Army,
but the word means something else,
and I'm doing it right now!
What's that you say, you don't have clue?
Well, what it means is to Proclaim.

Love isn't fond of how I do it,
But I love her still!

In reality I've got one more name,
and I received it in the mail.
The U.S. government did it for them,
and some Rabbi wants my money!
The "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews",
has labeled me Mr. Jesus 2.3,
and they've got the balls to call me,
The GOD of Abraham.
Do they know what the hell that means?

I know I'm no GOD, and nobody is,
that is the absolute truth.
If you think that GOD is within,
you're full of the ultimate conceit!

ALLAH is the Infinite Reality,
without a beginning or end.
you're just some finite being,
and you're here for a very short moment!

Why not try to do it right,
before it's all too late.
If you don't know what I'm talking about,
why not get your head out of your ass!

Take responsibility for what you think & do,
and then you'll truly be free.
In reality it's a feeling not unlike Nirvana,
but Buddha ran away from it all to find it!

If you submit to GOD's Will,
you will see that you don't need to run.
You'll have peace of mind, and your actions will be peaceful,
unless you don't do it right!
C'est la vie and then you die,
do you wonder what happens next?

it's probably not what you're expecting,
if you can't be honest with yourself today!
I'm not the judge so I can't say a thing,
but I know we all must die.
You have a wonderful life, while you're still alive!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, jesus christ

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