Sunday, October 31, 2010

will you send a supportive email?

You may be wondering why I've posted this golden oldy again, but I've got my reasons. I HOPE you understand it has something to do with CHANGE. I need some at the moment, & this is what I am doing.

What I'm doing is submitting an appeat to the State of PA, department of Labor & Industry. I represent Labor in a dispute, & my former employer represents Industry. I'm a pretty sharp guy, and thought i was appreciated at the place I used to work. But one day they called me into the office, and told me I had been a very bad boy. Something about postings on the internet, and breaking company rules.
I apologized profusely, and they said okay. All they wanted was for the images to go away. They said I had free speech, this is America you know. Say whatever you want, but don't say "Sharp Corporation", we don't want to be associated with the truth. After a chat with he H.R. manager, I was able to extend the deadline until after Jumah services. I thought that was nice. There were a couple days of work in between, and everything seemed to be going right. I even saved the HR managers butt, when another supervisor forgot to do something. He praised me the next time he saw me. He may not remember this now, but I tell you it is the absolute truth. So help me GOD.

What I did was to obliterate the images with text of some sort. Come Monday morning I get a call, but it wasn't any of the bigshots. It was my good budy, JD (not J.C.- i'm virtually him). He was told that the HR manager was shooting his mouth off telling one and all I was about to be fired. I calmed my friend down by telling him the truth, that in reality it was all in GOD's hands, & I wasn't too worried about it. He shouldn't be either. That seem to calmed him down, and I thank GOD for that. JD (NOT J.C.) got me the job in the first place. We were both Keebler Elves in the same building you see, before the drug trade moved in.

I did get that call from the bigshots later on, and came in early for a meeting once again. This time I came prepared, I brought a voice recording device, and asked them if we could record the meeting. I felt we had misunderstood each other in the original meeting, and a recording would help us review what was about to happen. They said no though, and they are the bosses, so I had to do what they told me. Now it is their word against mine. Do you understand what's at stake?

They insisted I remove the posts, lock stock & barrel, even though previously they said the words were okay. They had a problem with a hat I was wearing, the same hat in the video above. At the start of this sordid affair, I gave them the hat back. Therefore they had no worries about future hat videos.

What do you think? Should I be forced to remove videos such as these, promoting the truth, and explaining Islam? All I did was wear a hat, and say I was some sharp cracker. Sharp can mean many things, and cracker can too. When most people think of Sharp Corporation, they actually think of electronics. In reality few people think of drugs, but that is the trade my former employer does. Do you understand my dilemma?

So please if you've got a moment or two, send an email to this address: L&

Put my name on top: Daniel Harold McFarling, and this also XXX-XX-6309 (they'll know what it means)
You'll need to put my address in it also: 320 N. Broad Street, West Hazleton, PA.
and the determination date: on, or about, 10/25/2010
Tell them you believe i should receive my benefits, it was unfair how they let me go, and relate this story in your own words. At the bottom of the email, you'll need to put your name down. That is the requriment to file this appeal.

Don't worry about me though, because I know that ALLAH will protect me, & has something better for me in the future, Insha-Allah.
I'm patient, but my wife isn't.
She hasn't recited the Shahada, and her mind isn't quite at peace yet.
Know that mine is, and I thank ALLAH for this constantly.

Asalam Alakum my Brothers & Sisters, never forget...
Allahu Akbar.
ps: maybe you could send an email or a facebook message to CAIR-PA. They've told me my case is unimportant, at the same time they get Juan Williams fired for simply telling the truth about the worries in his mind. Are they attention seeking lawyers over there, or are they thinking Muslims. I'll let you decide that one.

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus Christ

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