Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! What's a Shoresh?

Jesus Christ!!! What the hell happened around here?
As you may know, i've been severed recently, but I've survived the blow.
I've got some tricks up my sleeve, & an idea or 2,
that I've picked up from a life that has been lived.

As luck would have it, something has come my way. I'm pushing the envelope, & HOPE for some CHANGE one day. What do you think will happen in the next moment? I certainly can't predict the future. But if you've got a moment, do you think you could mail me a card?
Call it my will to survive, or call it God's Will (which is what it is), but know that I will live on until I die. That's the way it's suppose to happen. So don't worry about a thing, everything will turn out right.
You may not like what happens though. Maybe you should read the Qur'an, it would put you ahead of the pack. That's the easiest way I know for you to understand.
Trust me, it took me 51 years to figure it out on my own, while I was never on my own to begin with. ALLAH was there all along, & I wasn't even aware of it.
Well, I am now.
Can I help you to understand the truth about reality?

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