Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! Muhammad is my man!

This ain't Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH), but both men have something in common,
Neither are lookin' for a profit & they both know what the truth is.
If you want to make a heaven on earth, you've got to work at it yourself.
If you think real hard, & try your best, you'll know that you have done all you can.
Don't worry, be happy & love your fellow man, there's not much else left to do.

It doesn't take the government to make that plan happen. All the politicians do is promise a better future. Are they doing it for you? Or are they doing it to you?

Know that I've never believed them, but then I've always known the truth.
I've been voting Libertarian all my live long days. That's about 30 years of voting, and everything is okay... with me anyway.
Sure, my employer just told me that I've been 'severed', but to tell you the truth, I've still got my head!
I use it to think & to speak, but in reality I don't do much else.
I'm the man of peace you understand & I'm always thinking of ALLAH!
If you think about what your GOD wants, you'll know HE doesn't want this government!
GOD wants you to be yourself & do what you want to,
and GOD will sort out who's been good & bad,
after we've all left the scene.
YOU & i are here right now, so try to do the right thing!

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